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Australian Shepherd Dog Picture

Australian Shepherd Picture
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Standard Australian Shepherd Characteristics

Breed Group: Herding Group
Height: Male: Male: 20-23 inches tall, Females: 18-21 inches tall
Weight: Male: 70-90 lb., Female: 50-70 lb.
Color: Blue merle, black, red merle, red with or without markings of tan
Temperment: Aussies are intelligent, active, good natured dogs who are perfect for families.
Origins: They were herding dogs originally form the Pyrenees mountains and then Australia.

About the Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd was introduced to the United States in the 1800s as a sheep herding dog.

Today this breed is still used as a sheep herding dog as well as a companion dog.

The Australian Shepherd Temperment and Intelligence

Australian Shepherds are known for their laid back, playful, and friendly nature. They are excellent with children and loyal to their families. So much so that they can be protective is necessary. They are always willing to please their family members and seem to know what their owners want. They are very active and can be destructive if they donít have enough exercise. Naturally aggressive when working they can be too work oriented and try to herd their family members too.

Australian Shepherd Characteristics

The Aussie has a short muzzle that is rounded at the tip of its dark nose. Their almond shaped eyes are a solid shade or a combination of brown, blue or merle. If the coat is black or blue merle then there is a black pigmentation on the eyes and nose as opposed to the brown pigmentation that a red merle or red coated dog has. Their ears are triangular and flop forward when they are at attention. These dogs have a docked tail that is straight. Their legs are straight and very strong and sit on top of their small, oval paws with well arched toes and thick pads that are resistant to extreme wear and tear. The coat is medium length, wavy, and water resistant. Though the dog comes in various colors such as black, blue merle, red merle, or red with or without white markings, other colors have been known to surface.

Australian Shepherd Health Concerns

This breed is prone to some significant health problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia while others depend on the color of the dog. Merles are prone to going blind and/or deaf while those with natural bobtails are prone to spinal defects.

Choosing an Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are not suited for apartment life because of their high level of activity. They need plenty of exercise and do best when they can do actual work.

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