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Bull Mastiff Picture

Bullmastiff Dog Picture
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Standard Bullmastiff Characteristics

Breed Group: Working Group
Height: Male: 25-27 inches tall, Females: 24-26 inches tall
Weight: Male: 110-130 lb., Female: 100-120 lb.
Color: Red, fawn or brindle
Temperment: Bullmastiffs are fearless, confident, docile, reliable, intelligent and protective dogs.
Origins: English dog who is a powerful and loving protector of game, homes, and families.

About the Bullmastiff Dog

The Bullmastiff was created in the 1800's in Great Britain for guarding their owner's possessions and property.

Today the Bullmastiff is used as both a guarding and companion dog.

The Bullmastiff and Intelligence

Beautiful, devoted and protective are words that describe the Bullmastiff. They are very alert and go into guarding mode when they are near strangers. They will hold down anyone who tries to harm their family members. Devoted to their family, this dog is loyal, intelligent, and even tempered. They crave human attention and are very affectionate with their owners. They tolerate children but need to be monitored when with them. They can be aggressive towards other animals so they need to be socialized early. They also need a firm handler who can make sure that they are in charge of the household.

Bullmastiff Characteristics

Bullmastiff's have very dark brown, medium size eyes. Their ears are triangular shaped and are set wide on the skull but are carried close to the cheek. They have a large skull which wrinkles when they are alert. Their muzzle is broad with a dark nose. Their neck is slightly arched and very muscular as is the rest of their body. Their tail is set high, tapering from the thick base and may be either straight or curved. Their legs are straight and set far apart with medium sized feet and round toes. Their hair is short and coarse and comes in the colors of red, fawn or brindle.

Bullmastiff Health Concerns

This breed is known for having hip dysplasia, tumors, bloat, eyelid difficulties, and boils on the eyes.

Choosing a Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is a breed for an experienced handler who lives in an apartment or house. They tend to be lazy so exercise needs to be provided for them daily.

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