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Breed Group: Working Group
Height: Male: 27-30 inches tall, Females: 25-28 inches tall
Weight: Male: 110-160 lb., Female: 80-120 lb.
Color: Gray, fawn, red with white markings
Temperment: Causausian Mountain dogs are strong-minded, well-balanced, even-tempered and protective dogs.
Origins: A Russian guard dog.

About the Caucasian Mountain Dog

The Caucasian Mountain Dog, also known as the Caucasian Ovtcharka, is the most popular mountain dog in Russia. Originally, this breed was used as a guard dog for sheep in Caucasia. They were then introduced to East Germany in the 1960s where they served as border patrol dogs. Today the Caucasian Mountain Dog is still used as a flock guarding dog and for security purposes.

The Caucasian Mountain Dog and Intelligence

The personality of the Caucasian Mountain Dog is one of courage, self-assuredness, and independence. Without proper training and socialization the dog may become vicious, unmanageable, and problematic. It is weary of strangers and protects its family including other pets. Having a tendency to over-protect, this dog should not be left alone with children.

Caucasian Mountain Dog Characteristics

These dogs have medium sized deep set eyes that give them excellent binocular vision. They have thick, hairy ears for insulation and a substantially, densely feathered coat and tail. The nose is black and prominent among the face. Their legs are long and straight with sizeable paws. Each paw is well padded to handle tough terrain and has hair between the toes to afford them insulation as well as protection. Though they come in a variety of colors, the most common are fawn, tan, pied, and brindle. On average, the males range between 27-30 inches and 100-160 lbs. while females are about 25-28 in. and 80-120 lbs.

Caucasian Mountain Dog Health Concerns

Due to selective breeding, the Caucasian Mountain Dog is incredibly healthy compared to other breeds. On average, about half of the breed will get some sort of dysplasia but no known other problems plague this breed.

Choosing a Caucasian Mountain Dog

Caucasian Mountain Dogs necessitate an owner who knows how to exhibit strong leadership. Owners also need to be willing to spend a lot of time socializing and training their dog. They are not meant to be in an apartment because they need a lot of space and do quite well living outdoors.

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