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Introduction to Electric Dog Collars

Interested in an electric dog collar, are you? Looking for ways to stop your favorite dog from always barking? Have you heard the rants and raves and wondering what you should really do? Well, you've come to the right place. We'll tell you what we know about electric dog collars, otherwise known as bark collars, dog training collars or shock collars.

How Electric Dog Collars Work

Electronic dog collars work by emitting a small shock to the dog after a bad behavior. The amount of stimulation can be controlled in many products, sometimes remotely from the transmitter. Electric training collars are designed for the dog handler to use proactively during training sessions. Bark collars are different in that it has a timing device set to deliver a shock at a variable length after a dog starts to bark. What sets these devices apart from many other training aids is that you can immediately correct a dog's mistake, thus making it easier for the dog to make associations between good and bad behavior.

Benefits of Use

The benefits of using an electric collar are arguably as many as using another training technique. One cited benefit conventional techniques may not have is that this tool can help you control your dog when he is off leash and help your dog learn to come to you on command no matter the distance.

Reasons for using an electric dog collar may include:

  • Basic obedience training for commands like 'come'
  • Stop digging
  • Stop chewing on furniture
  • Stop jumping on guests
  • Control barking
  • Training field dogs where there is always a distance between you and the dog

Proper Use of an Electric Dog Collar

Electric dog collars are similar to other training aids. This type of training aid is often used to break certain habits when conventional methods aren't working. For example, cookies and biscuits aren't working to keep your dog from digging in the backyard. Other known uses of the electric collar include teaching your dog to come. This isn't a hard command for a dog to learn, so before you run out and buy an electric collar, you should start with the basics. Conventional training like line training to teach the dog to come on command or reward-based training works well.

Ethics and Arguments Related to the Electric Dog Collar

The question you may have is whether electric dog collars are safe for your dog? There is a lot of controversy over this type of training and in fact many would like to see this technology banned. The answer is yes, it is safe, but you must be trained on how to use it effectively so that your dog can learn effectively. If not, you will get unpredictable behavioral affects from your dog.

Are electric dog collars inhumane? You'll find many emotionally based arguments against using electric dog collars, but to date, there hasn't been any research showing any harmful physiological or neurological affects. It is important to note that without expert guidance, this tool will not be effective. The potential for mishandling and mistreatment is greater with a control tool of this nature than any other. Consider for example the lazy dog owner who thinks an electric dog collar or anti-bark collar is a quick fix for his unruly dog. For this reason, make sure you take great care and responsibility in employing it.

Alternatives to Electric Dog Collars

There are also alternatives to the electric dog collar. First and foremost, try reward-based training. Dogs love to please their masters and are happier pets when they can understand you. The citronella collar is proving to be just as effective if not more effective as the electronic dog collar. This type of collar emits a scent the dog finds offensive.

More Information on Electric Dog Collars

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