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Airedale Terrier - Hypoallergenic Dog

Airedale Terrier considered a hypoallergenic breed

Information on Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Many of us are allergic to dog dander, and if you're looking for an indoor companion, its important to find the right canine pal that will cause the least grief when it comes to your allergic reactions. Just because you or a family member are allergic to dogs doesn't mean you're choices are small. There are quite a few breeds that aren't heavy allergen producers. Remember, all dogs produce some dander. Hypoallergenic dogs just produce less.

Before you pick your breed, here are some facts you should know about what makes us so allergic to dogs and how that can be reduced.

Facts about Dog Dander

Single coat and hairless coat dogs tend to cause the least allergic reactions. This doesn't include all single coat dogs however, because some single coat dogs still produce a lot of dander, which is what most allergy sufferers suffer from. Dander is the dead skin shedding off of a dog and being deposited all through the house. Dander is sticky and floats through the air which is how it affects your eyes and nose . One reason the dogs listed below are listed as hypoallergenic is simply because they shed less. With less shedding, the less dander there is to affect you.

Dander isn't the only culprit causing itchy eyes and sneezing. Dogs with thick undercoats or double coats tend to be dust and pollen magnets. However, all dogs' fur will collect some of dust and pollen.

Reducing Allergens

Here are a few tips you can use to reduce the affects of dander in your home.

Grooming: Regular grooming your dog is a great way to reduce the dander and other collections of allergens from its coat.

Brushing and Bathing: Brushing your dog frequently will also keep it clean and dust free. Bathing your dog on a weekly or bi-monthly basis will wash out the sticky dander and pollen collected in your pet's coat.

Allergy-Resistant Bedding: Using pillows with allergen protection and other bedding specially made for allergy sufferers will help repel the dander from collecting on your bed.

Use HEPA Vacuum and Air Filters: Frequently changes your filters and/or replace them with high efficiency air (HEPA) filters. These filters are appropriate for trapping allergens without recycling them through the house.

List of Hypoallergenic Dogs:

Below is a list of hypoallergenic dogs (those with reduced allergenic tendencies):


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