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Leonberger Picture

Leonberger Dog Picture
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Standard Leonberger Characteristics

Breed Group: Working Group
Height: Male: 29-31 inches inches tall, Females: 27-29 inches tall
Weight: Male: 130-170 lb., Female: 100-130 lb.
Color: Any
Temperment: Leonbergers are loving, steadfast, stable, and calm dogs.
Origins: A German guard and rescue dog.

About the Leonberger

The Leonberger was discovered in Germany in the mid-1800ís. It was originally used as both a companion dog and a livestock guardian.

Today the Leonberger is mainly used as a companion dog though some continue to work as livestock guardian dogs.

Leonbergers are extremely affectionate and loving towards their family members. They are very protective of their family but once they know that the family welcomes a new comer, they too learn to love that individual. Their outgoing personality makes them excellent family pets. They are kind and sweet with children and are learn quickly how to remain calm in stressful situations. They are very intelligent and learn commands rather quickly. They love to please and do best with a handler that is gentle in their training methods.

Upon looking at this mighty dog, one immediately thinks of a lion. They have a thick double coat that is very bushy in appearance. Their rough outer coat varies in shades from gold to red with most having a black mask, while the undercoat is soft and thick. They have a rounded skull, almond shaped brown eyes, round tipped ears and a long dark muzzle. Some have open jowls, which make them more prone to drool. They have a bushy tail and feathered leg hair on the backs of all four legs. Their strong paws are large with rough, thick toe pads.

This breed is prone to only a few health concerns: dysplasia, eye problems and bloat.

Leonbergers are best suited in a house with a medium to large sized yard where they can roam outside. They thrive in cooler climates but they can adapt to any environment that they are in.

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