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English Mastiff Dog Picture
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Standard Mastiff & English Mastiff Characteristics

Breed Group: Working Group
Height: Male: 31-34 inches tall, Females: 27-29 inches tall
Weight: Male: 140-160 lb., Female: 140-160 lb.
Color: Fawn, apricot, and brindle
Temperment: Mastiffs are courageous, docile, dignified, and good natured dogs.
Origins: An English dog known as a fighter and guard dog.

About the Mastiff & English Mastiff

Originating in Great Britain, the Mastiff, also known as the English Mastiff, was originally used as a military and fighting dog.

Today the Mastiff is known for being a loving companion and a trusted guard dog.

The English Mastiff Temperment and Intelligence

Mastiffs are very easygoing and gentle dogs who are very protective and possessive of their family. They are very careful and observant when strangers are present. They are great with children and love to please and hang out with their family. If they sense trouble however, they will bark and not let the predator near their family until they are reassured it is ok. They may be difficult to train so early obedience is suggested as well as early socialization because they can be aggressive with other animals.

English Mastiff Characteristics

The Mastiff has dark eyes that are set wider apart from each other. They have small, thick ears which are also set wide apart. The dark muzzle is short and broad, as is the nose which displays flat nostrils. The tail tapers down and is slightly curled at the end. They have large round feet, with black toe nails. The coarse top coat is short and should be straight at all times. Though colors vary, this breed is usually fawn, apricot or brindle. If the dog is brindle, then it should have fawn or apricot as a background and should have dark stripes throughout the body. Males average about 31-34 inches tall and 180-200 pounds while the females are about 27-29 inches tall and 140-160 pounds.

English Mastiff Health Concerns

The Mastiff is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia as well as bloat, heart problems, and other intestinal problems.

Choosing an English Mastiff

Generally lazy dogs, the Mastiff will do fine in an apartment but needs exercise daily. They can be difficult to control so it is not recommended as a dog for a novice owner.

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