Beer and Alcohol Poisoning in Dogs

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Thoughts on Alcohol Poisoning in Dogs

While on the topic of poisoning......
A while ago, it could even have been over a year ago, there was quite a bit of casual talk about dog owners on this list who shared their cold beer, wine or drink with their dogs. Nobody seemed to speak out about it. At the time I could not believe that people who cared so much for the welfare of their animals, monitored their treats, food etc. would really do such a thing. I didn't comment at the time as I thought surely they knew what they were doing.....but maybe I was wrong.

Tonight while looking up the artificial sweetener, I came across several posts re: alcohol poisoning in dogs. I was shocked to find out the poisoning could occur with very little exposure to alcohol.

I urge those who share their human "drinks" and "beverages" with their furbabies either intentionally or non-intentionally, to first read up on the dangers.

Just google alcohol poisoning dogs and there are plenty of links that warn of the hazzards. As my doctor once said, people have been known to fall out of airplanes without a chute and survive, but CHANCES ARE they won't survive. People are known to smoke and survive, but chances are they will develop heart disease, lung disease and/or cancer. So, you probably CAN serve your dog alcohol and it will survive, but there is a chance they may not....hopefully those who do serve their dogs alcohol, have dogs who can tolerate LDLo 5500 mg/kg oral Dog.

I'm not " fear mongering" just commenting on the fact that many on this list have said in the past they serve alcohol (human grade) to their pets, and it bothered me, the same as it would if a child were consuming alcohol.

Furthermore, should I happen to bring my dogs with me to a pub, I'll do as I have done in the past (thanks to outside decks) and order a rum for me and a bowl of water for my friend.

It was:

Drink responsibly for you and your pet,

Wine and Dogs

Comment 2: At toxic substances sites it is emphasized that dogs body size is critical here and small dogs are in danger when lapping alcohol containing drinks (a small glass of wine for toy dog equals to a whole bottle for large breed dog). I am not so much worried about alcohol but wine itself, because grapes are considered to be toxic for dogs. Is it because of sugar content, indigestible skins or something else? Still puzzled about that. When I did not know that raisins are toxic for dog my female dog loved to steal wine from glasses at picnics and nothing happened to her.

And bread dough-sure it kills dogs not because of its alcohol content but because of fermenting live yeasts in it which can just bloat dog quick.

Champagne and Dogs

Comment 3: Okay .. I must admit it .. Our dog once opened a full box of cheap champagne I had chilling on the back porch for a Christmas party.  I cannot say for certain how much the dude consumed, 'cause the porch was soaked and pretty whiffy with wine. But, he liked it, liked it enough that he was sniffing wine glasses and tippling when he didn't get caught right away. (Pretty funny in one way, especially since I didn't tell the aunt who left her glass on the coffee table while she visited the little room at the end of the hall, nor did any of the other relatives who saw it happen. We still laugh at her drinking dog spit [we don't like her very much]).

But, I agree that alcohol for dogs is not good in principle.  BUT this brings me to a question regarding a memory. For a long time, a long time ago on the list, there was much discussion of the administration of brewer's yeast as a supplement for the dogs. Any insight or comment on that now?

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