The Biggest Dog Breed

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English Mastiff - Biggest Dog Breed

What is the Biggest Dog Breed?

Many people ask this: What is the biggest dog? or What is the tallest dog? These deserve different answers as tall and big are entirely different. Some of these dogs are actually surprises as certain breeds traditionally have the largest or tallest dog naturally.

For instance, the tallest dog today is Gibson (check out Gibson the Tallest Dog in the World here), a Harlequin Great Dane, is 42.2 inches tall and almost 7 feet tall when he stands up, however Great Danes aren't typically the tallest dogs; the Irish Wolfhound usually takes home the prize of being the worlds tallest dog at 3 feet tall on average; thats just at the shoulder. Although they may be tall, Irish Wolfhounds are by no means big as they usually only range between 105-125 lbs, which is on the lighter side of the large breed dogs.

The Biggest, Largest Dog - the Mastiff

The biggest dog (and breed of dog) in terms of mass is the English Mastiff, with Zorba the OEM taking the crown. From the U.K., Zorba weighed in at 343 lbs and measured almost 8 feet long from nose to tail. English Mastiffs are considered the biggest dogs as they are usually the heaviest dogs with weights over 200 lbs. not uncommon.

Giant Dog Reference:

Irish Wolfhound: weight: 105-125 lbs. height: 35-35 in.
Great Danes: weight: 100-120 lbs. height: 28-32 in.
English Mastiff: weight: 175-250 lbs. height: 27.5-32 in.
Neopolitan Mastiff: weight: 150-180 lbs. height: 26-31 in.
Newfoundland: weight: 130-150 lbs. height 28-30 in.
Saint Bernard: weight: 150-200 lbs. height: 27-30 in.

* Height is measured at the shoulder


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