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How Should I Feed?

Question Comment 1: I'm feeding my Goliath California Natural Lamb and Rice and will alternate w/chicken. He has a very sensitive stomach (frequent diarrhea/soft stools) and was on Flagyl or Tylan powder (he's had a complete medical workup and all is normal). I had him on Science Diet ID canned (only temporarily to help his problem) but didn't like the ingredients. I like the simple ingredients of the California Natural line and supplement with a digestive enzyme/probiotic powder (by Animal Essentials) now which has helped a lot. He rarely needs medication now and stools are usually normal thanks to these products.

The only thing I don't like is how much carbohydrates the Callifornia Natural contains. When I attended the National in Ellicottville in 2003, vets were collecting blood samples to measure taurine levels for heart health. They recommended a food containing about 26% protein/10% fat. So, I'm trying to add some protein (no more thant 15-20%) to supplement. He also gets various fruits, veggies, yogurt, etc.

Good Dog Food

Comment 2: Yes, you are right. I know that lamb in particular doesn't provide high enough taurine levels to keep his heart healthy. I had him on a chicken-based diet for so long that I wanted to switch proteins and give him a change. The Calif. Natural chicken & rice is a better choice for the long run. I do add other proteins to his diet meat (chicken & beef), eggs, yogurt, get that taurine and protein level up.

Kibble is just a small part of his diet, but he's been having some trouble when fish is in the kibble (which isn't in the Calif. Nat.). He cannot tolerate it, but I do give him EFA fish-based capsules which for the most part he can handle. Canidae has a nice chicken and rice diet with no added fish meal as a possibility for him in the future. He had diarrhea on just a few pieces of the Timberwolf Organics. Goliath can't tolerate much rich/raw food and I have to be careful with him. He does well with cooked meat, particularly chicken breasts which he's been known to help himself to from the kitchen table when we're not looking. Wise guy...

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