Dog Loss of Appetite

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There are several reasons that your dog might stop eating as much as he/she usually does or might stop eating altogether. Below are some of the most common reasons given by various veterinarians:

  1. Your dog might be having problems with their teeth that make chewing very problematic;
  2. Your dog might have an infection that makes the smell or taste of food very unappealing;
  3. Your dog might have an upset stomach caused by something that was eaten;
  4. Your dog might be constipated;
  5. Your dog might be suffering from a case of depression;
  6. Your dog might not like the fact that you have recently moved;
  7. Your dog might be upset with the new canine addition to the home;
  8. Your dog might not be adjusting well to the change in the season or temperature;
  9. Your dog might have some sort of a hormonal disorder;
  10. Your dog might have a problem with their internal organs like the kidneys or liver;
  11. Your dog might be suffering from heart disease; and lastly,
  12. Your dog might sadly have cancer.

If your dog is suffering from a sudden bout of appetite loss, rest assured that there are steps you can take to help your furry friend overcome this ailment.

  1. Give them fresh food each day in their bowl even if they haven’t finished yesterday’s leftovers;
  2. Find out if anyone has been giving your dog tasty treats which could be spoiling his/her appetite;
  3. You may want to try a different food. Remember that even dogs like variety in their diet; and finally
  4. You may need to add in different toppings to entice the dog to eat their plain dry dog food.

If none of the above remedies work then you should consult your vet to see what exactly might be causing the problem.

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