What Painkillers Are Ok for Dogs?

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Morphine and Dogs

Question Comment 1: My neighbor, who has a portuguese water dog with bone cancer, asked me this evening if i knew whether she could give her dog a minute amount of human morphine. Her husband, who had back surgery last year, has 15 mg. fast acting tablets. I gather they're very tiny and quite potent. She's talking giving half or a quarter it to her porty to ease her suffering. Could this ever be a good idea? Will she kill her dog while trying to ease its pain? Can the dog benefit in any way from being medicated with the tiniest bit of such a potent drug? Will it actually ease the dog's pain? Please, if there are any veterinarians on the list, can you respond to this question? I told her to hold off while i tried to find an answer. (don't ask me why she didn't ask her vet. she just asked me.)

Painkiller Suggestions

Comment 2: Osteosarcoma is well managed with combination of Artemisinine (you can order it online from http://holleypharma.com/ , it will arrive within a couple of days) and COX2 inhibitors like metacam or previcox (which your local veterinarian can provide). It does not cure cancer in most cases but enormously improves quality of life, energy level and takes pain away. Our Great Dane has been on it for half a year after her chemotherapy failed and is full of energy and life even now when cancer has spread to her lungs and other areas. When artemisinine delivery was delayed because of christmas and she was without it for a week we saw what a enormous difference it made-she stopped walking altogether, was so weak that even could not stand up, had pains and was coughing blood at nights. As soon as she was back on artemisinine she was full of energy again and continued her routine daily in forest walks (where she was running like before her illness), was playing with other dogs and her cough dissapeared. She does not have long to live but differently from other dogs she has lived her last months enjoying a full quality of life. Really amazing drug.

Ask Your Vet

Comment 3: Diane, she needs to ask HER vet. Even if someone knows the answer, without knowing what the condition of the dog is and what other drugs it has been given etc. makes this a very dangerous thing to do. If the dog has osteosarcoma and is in that much pain perhaps it's time to let it go. I know that's harsh, but a lot of times with osteosarcoma the pain can become unmanageable and it's the best thing for the poor dog.


Comment 4: One of my dogs was put a morphine patch after a TPLO surgery for 3 days. It worked very well.


Comment 5: When my dog was put on morphine for bone cancer, it worked well for a few days. But, in a matter of days that dosage wasn't strong enough and needed to be increased daily - it just became less effective for him. He also became very vocal on the morphine. Within days he just couldn't bear the pain and we had to let him go. I would never choose morphine again for pain management for bone cancer, there are other choices - radiation, fentanyl to name a few.


Comment 6: My first dog got much relief from Rimadyl and palliative radiation treatment. He did not fare so well on Deramaxx (or morphine) and even needed an increase in dosage in the Deramaxx whereas he was comfortable on the same dosage of Rimadyl until the end (a year after he was diagnosed). Rex only made it 4 weeks after diagnosis; the pain was too great.

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