Dogs and Air Travel - Planes and Cargo

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Dogs and Air Travel

Comment 1: I am inquiring for one of our puppy buyers about procedures for traveling to Europe. These folks are going to be spending six months in Brussels and love the dog so much they can't stand the idea of leaving him hear. If I remember correctly there is some sort of international travel visa type thing for dogs now? Anybody who has traveled to Europe recently can you let us know? They can probably fly into the most friendly country and drive across borders if necessary. They're planning on traveling the middle of April so we need to get going on this.

Airlines that Accept Service Dogs?

Comment 2: I was so lucky...after an 14 hour wait at daughter and her Tibbie and I got a flight to St. Louis at 9 p.m. and stayed over night and then got a flight to OKC that landed at noon yesterday. So many, many people with Cargo dogs won't be home till Sunday/Monday. For all of the people who were flying big dogs as service dogs to get around paying the fees for putting the dogs in cargo you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Unethical people are unethical people no matter what they do. And to hear a Junior Handler BRAG about taking their dog on the plane with them as "service dog" so they wouldn't have to pay was disgusting. This junior even went on to talk about how easy it was because people are using dogs for things that aren't "visable." My dog flew in the cabin under the seat and was a WONDERFUL ambassador for the breed. He was petted and fed cookies and entertained small children who were bored from being stuck in an airport. I was proud of the way he acted under less than ideal conditions. I am eligible for a service dog but chose not to use one because my disability is controlled by medication. Even if it wasn't controlled by meds, there is very little a true service dog could do on a plane to help me. OTOH, I got to see how truly wonderful most dog people were who obeyed the rules and did EVERYTHING they could to make their dogs comfortable and calm during a less than ideal circumstance.

Requirements for Air Travel

Comment 3: If a person REALLY needs the dog I don't have a problem with it. But I = will still bitch and get extremely mad at the woman who is a = professional handler from Colorado Springs and her husband who went to = Westminster 2 or 3 years ago with an AKITA that sat in the waiting area = to board the plane and pulled out of her purse a "service dog" vest, and = put it on the AKITA and 'wink wink wink" at me "oh I just make this so = he doesn't have to go in the cargo hold". =20 THIS WOMAN MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH. SHE NO MORE HAD A SERVICE DOG = THAN THE MAN IN THE MOON. I feel that if someone IS disabled they should be proud to be able to = submit paperwork to prove this fact if some idiot asks. Having a = service dog is an honor and a privilidge. ANYONE (as attested to above) = can CLAIM to have a dog. =20 So next time I want to go on a vacation to Hawaii, I will just say my = Old English Sheepdog is MY service dog....... they help me to pull = myself up when I fall.............. lol

Requirements for Air Travel

Comment 4: They need to contact the consulate for Belgium ( or they can look online?) and get a form which will be filled out by their vet with Microchip number and rabies vaccination information. Once the form is completed. they need to take it to the nearest USDA office pay the $24 +/- and it will be stamped and approved. If they do not have that, the airline will not take the dog on the plane. They are very strict now.

Belgium is as friendly a country as any! Brussels is a big airport but they should be fine flying into the country directly.


Dog Traveling to France

Comment 5: I should have thought of you right away, your being from France and France's proximity to Belgium.  I will get them right on that.  I have it in my contract that they are supposed to chip the dog as soon as it is old enough but there's no way to know who does and who doesn't.  He should already be chipped but whatever, we now know what to do

This site has a bunch of info,

Delta and US Airways

Comment 6: Delta's website has links so that you can sign a petition to stop the merger and write your rep's as well as the Attorney General. Try and follow the "Keep Delta My Delta" Links. I did last night, and made the point about the America West/US Air merger in my comments. We had people get stuck travelling with dogs to our 2005 National when they cut over the new rules at US Airways. The airline handled it very poorly.

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