Ear Scratching and Shaking Head in Dogs

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There are several reasons that your dog might be scratching their ears. Below are some of the most common reasons given by various veterinarians:

  1. Your dog might have to much earwax;
  2. Your dog might have to much hair in their ears;
  3. Your dog might have an infection;
  4. Your dog might have fleas;
  5. Your dog might have allergies;
  6. Your dog might have extremely dry skin;
  7. Your dog might have ear mites; or
  8. Your dog might have polyps or thyroid disease.

If your dog does is scratching their ears, rest assured that there are steps you can take to help your furry friend overcome this ailment.

  1. You might want to clean their ears with medication;
  2. You might want to pin their ears up to air them out;
  3. You might want to trim the hair from inside their ears;
  4. You might want to put an Elizabethian Collar on them;
  5. You might want to try giving them an anti-inflammatory;
  6. You might want to put them on a special diet. finally,
  7. You might want to put an ear drying fluid into your dog’s ears.

If none of the above remedies work then you should consult your vet to see what exactly might be causing the problem.

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