Glucosamine and Chrondroitin for Dogs

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Glucosamine and Chrondroitin for Joints in Dogs

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Comment 1: I just picked up a bottle of glucosamine and chrondroitin at Sam’s ( like Cosco ) and was wondering about the mg’s. The glucosamine is 750 mg and the chrondroitin is 600 mg. Wondering what mgs others give their adult newfies/puppies at 8 months. I am also giving Flaxseed oil and Fish oil, 1000 mg/ 2x day plus V C. PS: Mine does not say anything about joint fluid.

Human Chondroitin and Glucosamine

Comment 2: I Have been searching for the right product for mydog, as she is limping all over the place. I usually give her my human Chondroitin and Glucosamine but maybe there is something better. Any suggestions, I have looked at glyco flex and Arth-9. I have her on a diet, but since my dog's seizure, she seems to be gaining weight like mad, had her thyroid checked, and as I mentioned, all her blood work came back normal. X-rays next I guess, hopefully without anesthesia. Never a dull moment.

Causes of Bad Joints

Comment 3: Causes range from genetics to bad luck - it's a malformation of the elbow that can happen fairly frequently in large breed dogs. I've had 2 with elbow dysplasia, and both came from parents with clear elbows.

There is no treatment per se for elbow dysplasia (ed), only for the things that might happen because of it (broken chips in the elbow that happen from the malformation of the joint would be removed). Swimming is an excellent way for a dog with ed to get exercise, as is walking (but not lots of jumping or romping hard with other dogs). Our girl with ed takes Meloxicam, glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM daily and acts like there is nothing wrong except when the weather changes. We rest her when she is stiff and keep her lean and fit.

Take a deep breath. It's not that hard to live with, although if you wanted a performance dog, it may change your expectations in that regard. Our girl loves to do obedience, but she will never compete at a level where jumping is required. So a good diet, exercise that doesn't result in high impact on the elbows, pain meds as needed, joint supplements daily and lots of love is what your dog needs.

Arthritis or Dysplasia

Dysplasia doesn't happen in just large breed canines either. Our "little brown dog who thinks he's a big dog " just had his elbows and front legs xrayed last Monday. Results - Both elbows are dysplastic and his right wrist is severely arthritic. Hey, the dog's 13 years old. What did I expect?

What I do not understand is why in humans we call it arthritis and in canines the term is dysplastic. Correct me if I'm wrong, but to me... they are the same thing. Sooner or later both species gets old and the body degenerates in some form or another. Arthritis or dysplastic...either one still hurts and both have genetic and environmental causes.

From what I have learned in my studies of Arthritis or Dysplasia (be it hip or elbow) is that both are polygenic. And no matter how hard our breeders try (God bless them) neither will be bred out of our dogs in mine or the next generation lifetime. The proof of their efforts will be in the generations a long way down life's road after our dear breeders have joined their animals at the rainbow bridge.

Have I given up on our scientific studies and our breeders? No. I'm just facing the reality of today. We have a long ways to go in the genetic and environmental health issues studies. I can only hope that someone or some club will pick up the flag and the torch and run with the continuation of genetic studies on dysplasia (arthitis).


Comment 4: My Irish Wolfhound mix (Big dog!) had bad arthritis when she got older and did great on Cosequin (Glucosamine and Condroiten) which almost eliminated her pain and made her joints move so much more smoothly. I made sure she had a nice cushy bed that was warm for her old bones. She went on to live happily (still played everyday!) to a ripe old age of 16 3/4 years--when she started clusters of mini-strokes (TIAs). My vet called her the "Ever Ready dog because she kept going and going like the battery. If its just pain and you make her more comfortable she will eat better and be a bit more active. If its other problems (or more than one) you can make the decision as to what to do when you know more about her health.

People Supplements/Pills for Dogs

Comment 5: I have dog, an Airedale w/ hip problems and he takes one children's aspirin, 1000 mg MSM, and a pill that has 500 mg Glucosamine and 400 mg Chondroitin. They are "people pills" that I just buy at Wal-Mart. My vet suggested all of it. They are a little cheaper than most of the dog versions of the pills. You should check with your vet, but it works for my dog really well. I can definitely tell when he's been off his meds. It takes them a while to show they are helping, but they do work.


Comment 6: I will get flamed for my response BUT!!!!!! you need MSM.. powder or pills if she will take pills, (get at health food store) then you need, glucosamine & chondroitin, it also comes in pills or powder.. The MSM opens the cell walls to let the nutrients in, and also is an anti inflammitory, I use it on my humans.. I would get her off the medicam, it can cause side effects..a TINY bit of vitamin C will help as well, but the MSM is very helpful.. I have cured several problems with it..

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