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: Couple of Issues worth noting (I'm struggling here!!!)
: Kaiko August 25, 2006, 09:31:16 AM
Hi Guys,

and thanx to you all for your positive replies on feeding and the pics, something good in all. However a new problem has arisen!! or two!! My LITTLE Malamute (who scared ever other doggy owner at puppy class! has decided that when we take him for a walk that it is an excellent strategy to lie down and not move on the sidewalk, daaaanaaa!!! Why does he doo this  - is he maybe scared of the traffic? because he isi fine when he gets to the park!!! I can only carry a 20kg puppy so far? Opinions on a postcard please! Also he has this messy habit of pawing at the water bowl so I have to continually mop up - thanks Kaiko,,,,not a major problem but you see where I am coming from!!

The next Issue so to speak is that when we have our Sib and Malamut pup 8mths and 13 weeks respectively out and around the dog community, Meeka the Sib is beginning (out of nature to become a wee bit snarly! I dont know the answers here and would so greatly apprecaie a little guidance from you guys. Thank you.

: Re: Couple of Issues worth noting (I'm struggling here!!!)
: kathryn August 25, 2006, 10:34:47 AM
Mine have "taken the studs" (Texas phrase for locking up and not moving) on leash before.  The only time they have done it is really when they don't want to walk on the leash.  I always walk out further away from them and wait and ignore the laying down or locked leg syndrome.  Act like you are playing or interested in something and when they get up and come to you praise them and then start again.  I have also been known to be really mean and just make them walk by picking them back and up and standing them up and starting to walk.  Not sure if that helps you or not.  An obedience class for the one that is acting up in public would be my next step.  Even if you have already been in one but need a refresher. 

: Re: Couple of Issues worth noting (I'm struggling here!!!)
: Saint and Mal mom August 25, 2006, 03:57:42 PM
My Mal digs in her water bowl all the time! And she taught our Saint how to do it too! So I just let them do it, but I only let them have water outside! That's my solution, and they would knock it over when they did it, so I got a metal bucket and hooked it to the fence for water so they can't do that anymore. You are not alone, though!
: Re: Couple of Issues worth noting (I'm struggling here!!!)
: shangrila August 25, 2006, 04:26:25 PM
How old is he? When my saint was 2-4 months old, she would get tired and lay down - no matter where she was (petstore, vet, walk, anywhere). She would just lay down as her way of saying 'nap time' and we would have to carry her or try and wake her up.

We also have problems with the water bowl. I find that it helps to have the water raised off of the ground and to keep a bathmat under the food/water area
: Re: Couple of Issues worth noting (I'm struggling here!!!)
: LuvmyMal August 26, 2006, 10:50:51 AM
That was Tonka with the walking, I carried her everywhere for the longest time. What we did was take some treats and coax her into walking up and down the driveway then further then finally she loved it. With the water, we have lake malamute every day Nala paws at her bowl when it is almost empty and sticks her whole face in it.