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: Laika on the leash
: Miranda August 28, 2006, 06:03:54 AM
Okay, Laika and Kingsley are basically inseparable. Actually, Kingsley doesn't really mind when he's away from her, but she absolutely can't stand it. But I absolutely can't handle both of them on a walk together. They both pull and drive me crazy. So I started working on them both separately, and I got Kingsley to where he walks perfectly...di rectly beside me, doesn't get distracted, etc. Laika, also, walks perfectly...wh en she's alone. But as soon as I try to walk them both, she goes crazy. Even if Kingsley is directly beside me and minding very well, she tries to pull me everywhere. I don't understand why she thinks she needs to be the leader of the pack, but only if Kingsley is around. Is she just trying to prove to Kingsley that she's top dog? She also gets EXTREMELY jealous of other dogs at the dog park. If Kingsley and another dog are playing, she just watches for awhile, but pretty soon she decides that enough is enough and she gets in between them and starts barking. Do I just have a very dominant dog on my hands? Ever since she was a puppy I've done all sorts of dominance exercises with her. Justin just says that she's going through her rebellious phase and we're going to have to step it up on the discipline. Any suggestions?
: Re: Laika on the leash
: Imani's Mom August 28, 2006, 10:33:16 AM
Maybe she wants everybody else to know thats HER big brother?
: Re: Laika on the leash
: Saint and Mal mom August 28, 2006, 11:12:44 AM
Do you use pinch collars on them for walks? That is the only way I can walk my two together at the same time. I have one on each side. Those pinch collars will work WONDERS believe me, if you don't already have one. You can get them at Petsmart, Petco, Bass Pro shops, and lots of other places. Hope that helps!
: Re: Laika on the leash
: Kermit August 28, 2006, 03:39:36 PM
The only thing I can think of is to get your dogs both on leashes, go out like you are going to take a walk, but absolutely do not move forward unless both dogs are calm and NOT pulling you. It might be that the first day you try it, you don't actually go anywhere. Teach them that the only way they are going to get their walk is if they are polite. It will be a great mental exercise for them if nothing else!!!! :D

Seriously, good luck and I hope you are able to walk them together very soon. :)
: Re: Laika on the leash
: Miranda August 28, 2006, 04:54:52 PM
I've taught Kingsley that we don't move forward until he's calm. He's great about it. Still gets over-excited at a couple houses...or more specifically, fences...but Laika is still proving impossible. It's weird, because she's usually the one I can get calm the quickest. For example, when I grab the leashes off the hook, she automatically sits down, because she knows that's the only way that leash is getting put on her. Kingsley takes about a minute of excited circling, and then he sits down. Same with when I dish up the food.

I bought an anti-pull harness at PetSmart the other day. It worked great the first time I used it, but I guess she got used to it, because she's gradually gotten worse on it, and tonight it was like it wasn't there at all. She can still pull a person down the road.
: Re: Laika on the leash
: MagicM3 August 28, 2006, 05:41:41 PM
I agree with *doghealer* no forward movement unless they are both doing what you want.
They all go through rebellious ages,and phases,but that is when you must be supremely clam and unquestionably the leader of the pack.

Don't worry about one doing what you want and the other not,they both must learn to follow you .

I know what you are going thru I have three and alone,each one is right where I want them,I am working of walking all three walking with me and it is a challenge,like they are vying for position with me,but it is times like that ,that I have to remind myself *play no favorites* they must all follow me.

I think the hardest thing for me is *not talking* and just using my body language to insist that I am the leader.

Other than adjusting collars to right behind their ears,and making it clear that it will be my way or no way,I am making progress, most of the time.

It takes patience and one step forward two steps back but I will succeed.

Good luck
Tricia and the fur kids.
: Re: Laika on the leash
: Miranda August 28, 2006, 05:55:44 PM

I think the hardest thing for me is *not talking* and just using my body language to insist that I am the leader.

Ugh this is what I'm trying to work on with Justin. His body language is HORRIBLE when dealing with them...or with anybody. He thinks he can control them with just his voice and that body language has absolutely nothing to do with it. I keep trying to show him how well it works with Kingsley, because when I'm walking Kingsley, if I start lagging and letting my shoulders hunch and/or tensing up, he feels it right away and starts getting restless and nervous and starts inching in front of me.

The only problem I have with just stopping and waiting for her to calm down is, I don't know that she'd ever notice. For example, if I'm walking alongside a fence and she's pulling and trying to get at the dog on the other side, if I just stop, she just keeps on going, literally. I can't keep her from pulling me right along. I think I may have to break down and buy the pinch collar. I've been avoiding it this long because I didn't want to have the dog I couldn't handle without it, ya know? Eh, just a pride thing.
: Re: Laika on the leash
: MagicM3 August 28, 2006, 08:20:56 PM
Well it's like this Dogs don't talk to eachother with words,and they understand eachother very well.

I wouldn't worry about a pich collar if that is what it takes,it is only a tool to teach with not to use for the rest of their lives,at least IMO.

Have your ever tried some attention training.
I have a great game I can PM you if you would like it I think I posted it on here awhile ago.

If you would like it I would be happy to send it to you.
it's called *find my eyes* and it does teach attention on you as well as teach them to think and figure things out.

Keep trying because they are worth all the effort

Tricia and the fur kids.
: Re: Laika on the leash
: Miranda August 29, 2006, 04:16:09 AM
I would definitely like for you to send me that game! And thanks for all the advice, guys.
: Re: Laika on the leash
: navarre1316 August 29, 2006, 04:28:38 AM
When my GSD was a pup he would pull on me constantly and be choking himself the whole time!!  He'd get on a scent and that would be it.  He didn't get that if he'd slow down he would be able to breathe!!  I wasn't paying total attention one day, I just had him out in the front yard, and he started pulling, I fell, and he drug me across the yard.  He quit when he realized I was on the ground and then he came over to me and looked down at me like "hey, what cha doin down there?"  I was against pinch collars.  I took him to a trainer who worked specifically with GSD's and she suggested a pinch collar, I told her of my concerns and she said how 'bout we just try it.  So we put it on and started going around in a circle and he started pulling, I popped the collar, just like you would a choke.  He yiped, and stopped pulling.  He'd go out in front of me some but as soon as I would even start to tighten up, he'd back up. Talk about an attention getter!!  But I only used it when walking/training him.  I would pick up that collar and he knew we were going some where, he loved it and so did I!!!!  Now, it's not something you have to use forever, just long enough for them to "get" it.  Good luck!
: Re: Laika on the leash
: Nicole August 29, 2006, 04:34:52 AM
There is something that another member here taught me with a Dane I was fostering. (now he's HER Dane! haha!) It took some time, but it really did work.

Don't simply STOP when they are pulling...but take a few steps/hops backward. When they come back to you, THEN start moving forward. Do it each time they pull. They learn that YOU are the one that decides where to go and when to go there. It really did work with Cosmo. He was a major puller (pulled me right off of my feet). But, he would ALWAYS turn around and come to me when I started moving backward. Not pulling, but just moving backward. When he did, the moment he came to me, we'd walk forward again. So, see, he learned that when I go back, go see what's up. And then we get to go forward again. It did get him to learn that I'm in charge.

Also, I have heard AMAZING things about the Dog Whisperer. You might want to check that out. My neighbor recorded 12 hours of him for me, but I haven't gotten the time to watch them yet.