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: Hi ! My baby is 3 months, any tips?
: magnet trimajestus October 17, 2006, 07:50:14 PM
My new baby is 3 months old and a fiesty one. I GOT HER AT 6 WEEKS. Any knowledge on her Phenotype ? Tips to help me make he potty outside my 3 stories appartment downtown Montreal?

Thx in advance.
: Re: Hi ! My baby is 3 months, any tips?
: bluskygirl October 18, 2006, 01:27:24 AM
Whew! What a cutie! My first dog I had as an adult was in an apartment, and I had to run her down the stairs to go potty, so I see where you're coming from!  When she was still little, it seemed I had to pick her up and carry down the stairs because her little bladder was full so we had to hurry(when I came home from work). THis worked for a while, but the trick with an apartment is teaching them WHEN it's time to go. My behaviorist teaches to allow 30 minutes free time after potty followed by 30 minutes crate time- and then potty. Once they're relatively consistent with that you extend the schedule gradually so they get used to waiting to go potty every couple hours when you're home.  This has worked for me with Bella.  Best of luck, and she IS adorable!!! :D
: Re: Hi ! My baby is 3 months, any tips?
: newfiesx3 May 20, 2007, 04:35:30 AM
She is adorable! She looks like such a lovey :-*
When we brought Elvis home we lived in a flat in Germany on the 3rd floor. Major stairs, UHG! I agree with Bella's mom. This routine worked for us too. Althought, we had a breeder that was very particular about stairs and puppies. She said to avoid too many stairs as babies because the bones are still soft and recommended we CARRY HIM :o as long as we could. OMG! I will admit we did it and it was a pathetic sight! Elvis was HUGE and I looked like a complete idiot trying to carry him. Our nieghbors and their little pug would dart past in the stairwell laughing. The things we subject ourselves too! :D
: Re: Hi ! My baby is 3 months, any tips?
: k2campbell May 20, 2007, 09:34:03 AM
Aw, she is sweet  ;D

Another hint would be to buy a small bell from the dollar store, and hang it on a string on your doorknob. Each time you take her out to do her business, ring the bell. Then, in time, she should ring and tell you when she needs to go potty  ;)

Best of luck!  ;D
: Re: Hi ! My baby is 3 months, any tips?
: Jas2Cats May 20, 2007, 11:20:09 AM
Awe~!  What a cutie!  She looks very similar to Maple when she was a pup, and she's supposed to be a Boxer GSD mix. :-)

Good luck with the house training~!  Fortunately, I've always had a house with a yard, so didn't have to go through the stairs or distance to outside.
: Re: Hi ! My baby is 3 months, any tips?
: rayray May 20, 2007, 11:21:38 AM
what a cutie!
: Re: Thanks Jacksmom!
: newfiesx3 May 21, 2007, 01:32:26 AM
I think we were all so busy looking at the adorable pics, we didn't even pay attention to the date. DUH! Thanks for the humble reality check. ;)