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: Bubba's Nails..
: Lyn December 03, 2006, 10:06:26 PM
I'm having a heck of a time clipping Bubba's nails. I have no problem getting him to lay there and let me clip them.. it's cutting through them. :-\ They are darn rock hard and I've broken 3 nail clippers in the process. I've tried a dremmel and he's not having that at all. He's ok with the noise, I think it's the vibration that he doesn't like.

I've resorted to taking small amounts of the nail off at a time and hoping the clippers don't break before I finish the rest of his nails, lol.

Can anyone suggest a good heavy duty pair of clippers?

Which leads me to another question.. Bubba only lets me clip his nails so short. Half the time I'm nowhere near the quick but he will continually pull his foot back like he's feeling something. Lola lets me trim her's right before the quick and it doesn't faze her at all. So I'm not sure if Bubba is just being a baby or if's he's truly feeling something. ???

I just trimmed his nails a bit lastnight.. and this is as short as he lets me cut them.
: Re: Bubba's Nails..
: schelmischekitty December 03, 2006, 10:46:11 PM
your clippers may be a little dull, and "pinching" the nails off instead of cutting them.  that would definitely cause him to pull away.  if you've used them a while you may want to get another good quality pair or get yours sharpened.     
: Re: Bubba's Nails..
: Lyn December 04, 2006, 01:21:21 AM
For some reason clippers don't usually last long enough around here to get dull. I generally get 2-3 trims in before they break. But the clippers I used lastnight are a new pair so they shouldn't be dull. It was the first time I used them. They cut Lola's nails easily, but I have to put alot of force into it to cut Bubba's. It's seriously like his nails are made of cement. haha

: Re: Bubba's Nails..
: Lyn December 04, 2006, 02:39:17 AM
I prefer the scissor type now. I used to use the guillotine ones until I had one break. The spring in it broke and the blade ended up jammed halfway through Bubba's nail and I had to use a butter knife to pry it back down. Poor Bubba was sitting there with these clippers stuck on his nail while I'm stumbling around the kitchen to find something to push the blade down and get them off. LOL

Granted they were old clippers.. may explain why the blade stuck instead of just falling back in the base. But it kinda freaked me out none the less. So I bought the scissor type after that.

Liz, those do look pretty sturdy compared to the ones I've used. We have a Paulmacs close by and a Ryan's in Brantford.
So I'll have to look for those.
: Re: Bubba's Nails..
: Nina December 04, 2006, 03:09:40 AM
Harley's nails are rock hard too, and she pulls back as well. She is a little bugger.  :) I just bribe her with food.  :)