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: Brody had her puppies
: princessnmi December 31, 2006, 08:52:21 PM
6 girls and 5 boys so far...i'm hoping she is done but I thought she was done at 10 and then # 11 was born. Here are some pics of the 10 pups...i took the pics before #11 was born.
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: princessnmi December 31, 2006, 08:53:55 PM
Here are some more pics
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: princessnmi December 31, 2006, 08:57:32 PM
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: Kirsti December 31, 2006, 08:59:13 PM
Awww!! They are adorible! how bout you send one my way, eh?

Awww too cute  ;D

: Re: Brody had her puppies
: princessnmi December 31, 2006, 08:59:48 PM
couple more pics
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: lukka December 31, 2006, 09:01:19 PM
Oh how adorable,  can I hold one please
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: princessnmi December 31, 2006, 09:03:56 PM
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: Kermit December 31, 2006, 09:09:03 PM
WOW... that is a LOT of puppies to deal with after thinking that your dog was properly spayed!!! They sure are cute!!! Have you found homes for them??

Feel free to ship one of the little harlequin looking pups to me here in GA... I'll pm you my address... hehe... ;) ;D

Have fun with those little sweeties!!! :-*
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: mynameislola December 31, 2006, 09:42:37 PM
Oh no!!!!  Adorable puppers AND you are within driving distance!!!

Which ones are the females? 
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: horsepoor21 December 31, 2006, 09:45:10 PM
Puppies !!!!!! Adorable ! Thankyou for sharing the pictures ! Can I ask what the story is about thinking your dog was properly spayed ? I must've missed it !
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: fullsizetrucks December 31, 2006, 09:47:03 PM
OH THE PUPPIES.....I am a sucker for puppies....Mus t have will power....alrea dy have 2 big paws...must resist need for puppy breath!
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: schelmischekitty December 31, 2006, 10:21:26 PM
omgggggggg they're too cute!  thanks for showing, i shouldn't have looked, i have done so good resisting the puppy fever!
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: dober_gurl December 31, 2006, 10:23:34 PM
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: princessnmi December 31, 2006, 11:25:03 PM
I really think she is done now. We still have 11 pups and she just ate a little bit of food for me. She is being such a great mommy. She has split the pups into 2 groups and nurses one group while the other group sleeps and then she switches them around. Its really neat to watch her. Amazing how smart they really are. Brody and pups are going to the vet on Tuesday so hopefully everyone gets a clean bill of health which I think they will. Everyone is eating and sleeping great.

Horsepoor: Brody was taken into the vet at 7 months of age to be spayed. She came home with an stitches and paperwork saying she had been spayed. Thinking that both of my females were spayed I was putting off getting Moose neutered. I figured I would let him "grow up" a little. Well 9 weeks and 2 days ago I went to let the dogs in and found Moose and Brody stuck together. I begin to do some research because I was under the impression they didn't do that once they were spayed. After taking her to the vet and tests, and ultrasounds we found out that Brody was never spayed. Nothing was done except her being cut open. So we sued the vet (he was already in jail for not doing things that he said he was doing) we won (thank you military attorneys) and got 10 yrs added to his jail time, all of Brodys vet work payed for, the pups vet work payed for until they are 12 weeks, and $10,000.
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: Saint and Mal mom January 01, 2007, 01:21:07 AM
Wow! I can't believe the nerve of that vet to lie to you like that and charge you for "spaying" her. Thank goodness you won the case. Serves him right.

And those puppies are just adorable! Are you keeping any? I would keep them all!  ;D Are you selling the others? Glad to hear mom and pups are all healthy.
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: Gevaudan_Jo January 01, 2007, 02:51:20 AM
OH MY GOD. i so want one.
that really ticks me off to hear about what that vet did...Grrr. some people...
Congrats on the pups, can't wait to see more pics...
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: 2Criminals January 01, 2007, 03:12:35 AM
That Vet needs a good kick in the pants, but I would like to place an order for puppy #9 please. All of them are adorable and have great colours. Ann
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: mynameislola January 01, 2007, 06:37:56 AM
Wow, what a bad Vet.  I am glad you went the legal route and got financial support.

Which ones are the girls?  I want to get my dibs in before they are all snapped up. 
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: mynameislola January 01, 2007, 08:50:11 AM
More photos please.
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: horsepoor21 January 01, 2007, 09:01:42 AM
Wow ,I had no idea ! Well , at least the guy is caught and behind bars , who knows what else he is/was capable of doing ! And now you have *puppies* as icing on the cake ! Do you have enough room in your house for that many dogs once they start becoming mobile ? LOL I bet you could have a mansion and it'd still feel tiny with that many great dane pups ! LOL  ;D
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: Lyn January 01, 2007, 10:32:38 AM
How could the vet seriously think he would get away with that. ??? And to put your baby under anesthetic for nothing.. Ugh I'd strangle him!

And Oh my 11 puppies! :o

Please god, do NOT let my hubby see this post. *crossed fingers and knocks on wood*  :D

Edit because I can't spell.  ;)
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: princessnmi January 01, 2007, 10:51:35 AM
Thanks for all the comments. Well, we made it through our first night. All the pups seem to be doing great and Brody is a wonderful mom. I am going to run a few errands this morning I haven't really left the house in 4 days because I've been terrified that she would have them the second I left her.  ::) guess i'm just a worried mom. I cut and taped a carboard box together and then lined it with plastic as a whelping box. It is like 4 ft by 6ft. I can comfortably sleep in it and i'm 5'11. I know i can comfortably sleep in it because i did for 3 night.  ::) I am having a problem with Brody wanting to sleep on the sides of it. And well the cardboard isn't holding up. So my husband says what if we buy some wood and make a nice one with a door and everything on it. So once I get that done this morning I am going to take pictures of all 9 puppies. I will take a picture of all the girls on a pink background and all the boys on a blue background. That way you guys can see which ones are girls and which ones are the boys. Here are pics of my creative whelping box. That the pups are in right now.
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: Kermit January 01, 2007, 11:27:35 AM
Hehe.. great whelping box! :D I'm sure Brody appreciates you sleeping in there to make sure it's comfy. ;)

I cannot wait to follow these pups' story as they grow! Wouldn't it be cool if a bunch of them went to BPO members! Then we could all watch them grow up! I LOVE PUPPIES!!!! :D :D :D

: Re: Brody had her puppies
: The Brindle Pack January 01, 2007, 11:31:58 AM
OMG... These pups are just too cute.  Please tell me you have homes for them all so I don't continue to try and figure out which one I want.  I have to keep telling myself we are at our limit.
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: bigdogs@5501 January 01, 2007, 11:55:49 AM
Shelley- as you know from chat last nite- I am so happy that all of the babies are healthy- now I am glad to hear that you guys had a good nite and that momma has a system to keep all of them happy and fed. I am really looking forward to all of the pics that you are going to post.
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: kathryn January 01, 2007, 12:28:22 PM
Those puppies are adorable!  Congrats on their arrival and everyone doing well.  I have to agree that puppy #6 is the cutest!  I'm sure that you'll have everyone here ready to take them off your hands as soon as they are ready. 
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: Gevaudan_Jo January 01, 2007, 01:34:30 PM
if we were closer, i would SOOOOOOOOOOOOO O take one. lol.
they are really cute. glad to hear u made it the night :) puppy 3 and 8 are my fav's  ;) ;) *nudgenudge*
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: LibbyP January 01, 2007, 04:22:23 PM
If you don't make a wooden nest box for her do you or anyone you know have an old kiddie pool? The sides are just high enough to keep tiny big paws in for awhile plus you can clean it out easy (just a thought) I cannot pick one yet... so I'll just take ALL ~ okay  ;D glad to hear everyone is doing so well.
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: EllieAndBlu January 01, 2007, 05:37:31 PM
OMG - I cant stand it - those pups are the cutest little furballs EVER! I NEED at least one or two... or three... oh heck make it  1/2 dozen!  ;)

p.s. LOVE the pic of mom sleeping while keeping her nose on her puppy pile... so sweet!
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: VdogLover January 10, 2007, 07:45:01 AM
I love the colors on these babies.

 I have to know more about this fake spay...did she not show signs of being in heat? and if not why not if all they did was cut her open? Has a vet been able to explain it?
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: Scootergirl January 10, 2007, 05:24:07 PM
Those puppies are so cute it hurts!! If my inn wasn't already full, and I didn't have so much going on, I would definitely be laying my claim to one of them, too.

You MUST post updated pictures often. Those spots are just killing me.

I want, i want, i want, iwant, iwant, iwant....

: Re: Brody had her puppies
: bluskygirl January 10, 2007, 10:52:57 PM
This thread is killing me!!! I sooooooooooo want one of those cute little puppies!  I said to myself, I want puppy #6, but it sounds like most of us are gonna be fighting for the little furball!  They're all so perfectly tiny and sweet and huggable.  OMG, I'm gonna dream about puppies tonight... little Dane puppies. :D
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: mynameislola January 14, 2007, 09:02:58 AM
We are so happy to guess (after no response to my begging for a female) that there is no problem finding homes for all those lil darlings. 

Hubby wants to try saving a GD from Gentle Giant mostly because they are close and need saving, but I am holding out for a pup.
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: chaosndestruction January 14, 2007, 11:16:15 PM
you might want to check into GG a little more before adopting from them. Talk to some people who've adopted from them before... I know there's 1 member of the board that has a whole forum about GG.

: Re: Brody had her puppies
: mynameislola January 17, 2007, 04:50:29 PM
We know all about GG; thats why I said "rescue from" and not rescue at.
: Re: Brody had her puppies
: Lena February 05, 2007, 05:25:21 PM
Those puppies are amazing.  :-* Brody is such a grand mom (and so are YOU!) Glad that horrid "vet" was nailed - ugh, what a world.