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: One of my girls
: sarnewfie January 11, 2007, 09:27:17 AM
has been bred, if anyone ever knew what goes into this, it is mind boggling.
it is not just adding up the price per pup and saying that is profit, it is the progesterone testing done daily to every other day, the cytology, the office call price, than the price of collecting and shipping.
all in all by the time the Ai happens you have spent well over 2,000 and prolly more like 3,000 the deposit on stud fee wich is more now usually min of 500$
than there is the care of the female while preggy, the food and special attention to grooming etc...
the education of the people hoping to get a pup, time spent on the phone and thru email, and the time spent making sure the contract is up to date with your attorney.
than there is the time that goes into the actual birthing, no sleep sometimes for 48 hours, the tears and heartache that may happen during the time.
the emergency visit costs if a pup shows an angry umbilical cord, or some mishap or some pup maybe not as strong and needing vet care, there is the expense of care of mom, than there is the time that goes into the pups, endless hours, and exhausting days.
One of my friends assisted me with a litter and decided against breeding her girl and spayed her, after she saw everything that needs to be done.
she wanted to breed her but changed her mind.
i have another friend who is co owner of this mother to be, we are hoping, and she is going to assist me, and said this is gonna be a real eye opener? and i said yup! it will land your feet on the ground.
anyway, i just wanted everyone who has a breeder to have a good relationship withthem, utilize them as your lifetime COACH and listen to their lifetime experience, and the experience they can share is from tonns of research and networking.
: Re: One of my girls
: bluskygirl January 11, 2007, 10:15:05 AM
WOW, just reading this makes me feel exhausted... and I'm not breeding! I guess I will just say that for all the good breeders out there, we appreciate what you do.
: Re: One of my girls
: sarnewfie January 12, 2007, 05:40:03 PM
oh my
i studded sydney out, for the first time, i am ext careful who i let use him, so we are on our fourth shipment on sunday wich has to be driven to a town an hour away from the collection place and another hour drive to my home.
so drive time total on the road is six hours! ARRGGG
plus i have to go to an airport wich is no fun.
studding out your dog can be quite the experience, but, i feel sorry for this female owner as she has sunk tonns of dollars into this breeding doing daily progesterone tests for well over 7 days at 165 bucks a piece not including the office call!
and people say you profit????
: Re: One of my girls
: FumbsAuntie January 15, 2007, 07:10:47 AM
Fumbles breeder payed so much money for everything for the puppies and their mother, she made it very clear that they barely break even.. after the care for the semination (they only breed within their dogs), the care during the pregnancy, the care for the puppies after, the vitamins, and they take all the puppies to TUfts vet. to get all the puppies hips checked out ect. it was 3000 for Fumble but worth every penny, and we know that she will always be there for us if we have any questions or problems or just to send a random Fumble "torture" contest photo!. I keep telling eiren that i want to take Fumble down to visit her and all 8 of the newfs!! :) I love them all!!
: Re: One of my girls
: sarnewfie January 16, 2007, 06:13:29 AM
you should take fumble for a visit! or, pictures, i bet you dont have a tonn of those??? LOL :D
i think breeders love to see what they are producing.
though i prefer to outcross, and do not like to see heavy linebreeding done, it is even more expensive to do it the way i am.
everyone has their opinion on what is right.
and yes, you rarely break even.
the first litter you ever have you might, IF it goes textbook without any problems or hitches, after that, forget it....
: Re: One of my girls
: aggghgmom January 16, 2007, 05:59:06 PM
Thank you for your posts they are very informative.   I have never been one of those dog owners who wanted to have a litter just because.  People begged us to breed our springer because of her outstanding personality and she was adorable but we gave them the breeders number instead.

Harleys owner was originally upset with us for having him fixed but we have worked thru that and I send pictures at least two times a year - on his anniversary with us and on mothers day.  I also include a health update.  She generally writes back with an update on his brothers, sisters and parents.  She also e-mails me when his siblings or neices and nephews are going to be on TV for a dog show.

: Re: One of my girls
: bluskygirl January 16, 2007, 08:03:30 PM
I am fortunate enough to live about 10 minutes away from my breeder... months of searches, "interviewing" breeders, and making friends in the St. world brought me to her. I was lucky I had made friends, because she doesn't advertise. Her puppies are usually planned and pre-purchased. Anyhoo, since I live so close, Bella and I have plans to visit often. :D