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: Tiny Tim - One Month Later
: PupDaddy July 09, 2005, 03:03:18 PM
It has been a month since Tiny Tim had his operation. He came through the operation with flying colors, no complications at all. After two weeks he was off all pain medications, and began swimming therapy. The incision where his leg used to be has healed completely. He is eating well, (42 pounds), and plays with all the other dogs like nothing is different with him.

As with any puppy, his proud family has lots of stories about their child, some funny, some not, but all precious. Cindy reports that Tim will stick his one leg out in front of himself, and skate across the slick tile floor in the kitchen. Alice reports that Timmy stood up, looked at the door, peed on the floor, and THEN asked to be let outside!

Timmy’s best friend is still Stella. They can’t be separated now that Stella’s sister Mitzi was adopted. But next Tuesday, Stella is going to Houston, to have her first hip replacement. Stella is the second beneficiary of the Tiny Tim Fund.

The Tiny Tim Fund received it biggest donation to date from the Great Pyrenees Club of America. A slobbery “Big White Dog Kiss” to Pat Wolter and GPCA.

The TinyTimFund website Recovery page has been updated, complete with a short video of TT in action.

Again, thank you all for your support.
: Re: Tiny Tim - One Month Later
: Scootergirl July 09, 2005, 05:05:53 PM
Tiny Tim's music video is great!! He looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing his story.
: Re: Tiny Tim - One Month Later
: GYPSY JAZMINE July 11, 2005, 06:57:09 AM
Oh how sweet!...He looks a bunch like Samson did when he was a younger pup!
: Re: Tiny Tim - One Month Later
: Saintgirl July 11, 2005, 09:37:49 AM
I am so glad to see the happy expression on Tiny Tim's face. What a beautiful success story. Thank you for keeping us updated on the little guy. And of course, all the best for the rest of the pups recovery!!