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: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: brigid67 July 17, 2005, 07:46:52 PM
Ok - my daughter just called me in tears.  She is at her dad's for a couple of weeks (my ex husband) and she is teriible upset.  He has a lab - almost teo named thor.  Who I guess is a real sweetheart.  But apparently he has been vanquished to the backyard by himself with a doghouse and he has to be on a chain because he digs up his new wifes strawberries.  He won't let him come off the chain or inside at all.  I just hate this.  I told my daughter I am going to drive down and we will break him out of jail.  Anyone want a sweet lab boy?!?!?!?  He needs a nice loving family!!!  My association will not let me have another dog.
: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: GYPSY JAZMINE July 17, 2005, 08:33:56 PM
That's too sad for the dog & your daughter!!...I always find it beyond any excuse when people choose a new significant other over their loyal fur friends...It would really make me question that person if they did not accept my animals as part of the package.
: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: nickerbokker July 17, 2005, 08:36:59 PM
oh i HATE stepmothers!  sorry stepmothers, but i hate you.  mine, well, i'll not say anything incase she reads this board.  hi deni!

: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: pitas July 17, 2005, 09:10:29 PM
Where do you live?  My sister is looking for a lab.  She has one female, Yellow lab named Harley who needs a sibling!  Harley has full run of the house and yard.  Harley loves to run and play with our 3 Newfies too.  She is a real sweatheart.

Anita & the 3 Newfies from NJ
: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: GreytGirl July 17, 2005, 09:12:45 PM
Sorry to hear about Thor's plight.  Poor baby  :'(.  No dog deserves to be treated like that, if there was any way I could help, I would.  Have you considered finding a Lab Rescue group near where you (or your ex) are?  Since you can't take him in, and have yet to find someone that can, this would be the best alternative. (Although sad to see him go.)

Tell us what happens!
: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: jabear July 17, 2005, 09:36:15 PM
I was just talking to my husband about how people do that tonight! He was camping with our dog and his brother and on one trail they ran into fellow Newf owners. Well, these owners was not "normal" to say the least because they told Michael that their female Landseer was an outside dog regardless of the heat factor. She is never allowed inside at all under any circumstance. I really don't know why people have dogs if they are goiing to treat them in that way. It just makes me angry!  >:(
: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: brigid67 July 18, 2005, 06:44:18 PM
Thor is currently residing in Lancaster, Calif.  In the high can you imagine how hot it is.  So I am really serious.....  I am going to do a comando operation and break out poor thor.  So I will definately be happy for someone who wants to adopt him.  He needs tons of love and probably some training because he has spent a good portion of his young life on a chain by himself in the backyard.  I am out of town now and we will have to do it when the step-monster and my ex is busy..... but I am going to do it cause it makes me very sad.  You know in our divorce he got custody of my samoyed....I never saw her again.  told me she ran away... *sniff* breaks my heart.  I should have just taken her.  But I was young and dumb and didn't think I could with 2 kids by myself.  I always feel so guilty about it....

Anyway, I will let you guys know when I have him...will probably take a few weeks....  so work on a home.  Iwill ship him if the home is good.  Just don't want hm to have suffer the same fate Cleo did.
: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: Scootergirl July 18, 2005, 07:46:26 PM
Well, DUUUUHHH!!! He's digging up the strawberries because he's  bored and pissed no one is paying attention to him!! Go get him! Give him to Nikkers - he'll never be bored again!!
: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: brigid67 July 19, 2005, 02:35:43 AM
I am - I am getting him.  Got  my daughter doing the recon and gathering the information... ..  I knew i divorced him for a reason!!!!  What an A^&. 
: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: Nina July 19, 2005, 07:54:38 AM
What he is doing to that dog is animal cruelty, and you so have grounds to take him. People don't realize that being cruel to an animal does not just mean not feeding the animal or hurting them. Leaving the dog outside 24/7 chained is animal cruely!!!!!! I'm sure this dog will love you for life for saving him, and from what I can see there are people willing to take him in right away. Which is great, then you know that he will be in a good home:)
: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: Carolyn July 19, 2005, 10:39:46 AM
In my 5 page contract when I got Apache, one of the listed rules were "NO CHAINS" & how the puppy/dog is "NOT A LAWN ORNAMENT" & my breeder would have the right to take the puppy/dog. Yes I love to have my guys outside all day in the yard but today with the temp/humidity around 100 their in the house with the aircondition. 
I just dont understand some people, why have a dog? So they can say "I have a dog".
: Re: ex husband is a real jerk!!!!
: brigid67 July 19, 2005, 12:09:07 PM
well, supposedly he is the guard dog...  right guard dog on a chain...what a moron