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: Itchy Swissy
: sfswissy December 19, 2007, 03:05:10 PM
Hello all,

I'm a lurker that finally registered! Love this site and I'm hoping someone might be able to help us - this is so frustrating!

I have a 4 month old Swissy named Louie. We had a terrible flea problem a couple months ago but have totally gotten rid of them. He's now got frontline on him (and his brother cats) and haven't seen a flea in weeks. Problem: He's itching himself to death. He keeps us up at night banging around in his crate.
I'm feeding him California Natural Chicken and Rice. We've tried Benedryl the last few nights, but 4 hours into it, he's itching again, so I don't think it's allergies. So, no fleas, no allergies what could be happening? The poor thing gets so frustrated he cries and I feel terrible. Any advice?
: Re: Itchy Swissy
: Nicole December 19, 2007, 04:03:24 PM could be a lot of things, but I have a TON of experience with this. I have a kitty that has HORRIBLE AWFUL NO GOOD flea allergies.

We used to have a REALLY hard time getting them under control. We wouldn't see any fleas for weeks, none on any of the pets (3 cats, 1 or 2 dogs at any time) nobody itching but Kyle. (the cat) Oh, and everyone would always be Frontlined or Revolutioned. It turns out that even ONE LITTLE STINKING FLEA in the house would be enough to send him into an itching frenzy. Even if we couldn't see any fleas. Even if it was the last lowley flea in the house.

Fleas are HORRIBLE to get under control and even when you have eradicated all of them, there may be ONE egg left under a couch somewhere that can hatch, bite ONCE and then die. But, that one bite can put the itch-scratch cycle in motion.

For Kyle, if he STARTS itching, it makes him scratch, which makes him itchy which makes him some point, even long after that last little flea is gone, he's still itchy and scratchy.

I know that you think that you have all the fleas gone, and you might, but you also might want to just continue to do whatever you did to get them under control. Just treating the animal with Frontline is NOT enough. YOu have to vacuum like crazy, use Diatomaceous Earth, whatever you can do to also treat your house.

If its not that, I don't know. Its just been my experience. Also, if he seems to stop scratching for four hours after you give him benadryl, I would say that that would DEFINITELY indicate an allergy! Its fine while its active but bad when it wears off? Why would you think that ISN'T an allergy? You have to get him to stop scratching, so give him the max. dose of benadryl at night and do whatever you can to get your flea problem under control completely.

Just my suggestions!!!!!

WElcome to BPO! I'm Nicole!
: Re: Itchy Swissy
: sfswissy December 19, 2007, 05:23:46 PM
Thanks guys!

We've been to the vet - twice. I used Flea RX (boric acid) all over the house for the fleas. We've given him the maximum dosage of Benadryl for his size (he's 40lbs and we gave him 2 tabs). Dr says that should last 12 hours - that's why, when he started itching after 4, I figured I should rule that out.

Now I'm putting California Naturals oil in his food twice a day and have ordered something called "Doctor Dog's Skin Care" to apply topically to him. I was thinking about putting olive oil on his skin, but couldn't fine anywhere where that is recommended or that it works for dry dog skin.

Gah, it's just infuriating. I take such good care of my animals and to feel so out of control when he obviously is suffering makes me nuts (of course, the fact that I have a touch of control freak in me doesn't help!) ::)

BTW, my name is Teri. Thanks for all your help! I will no longer be a lurker!
: Re: Itchy Swissy
: marypyrs December 22, 2007, 04:00:23 PM
Hi Teri! I've just found your first post and want to tell you WELCOME!  :D

I'm Jane. Mom to Rainbow and Whisper. (Pyrs) I'm an "Auntie" to a Swissy named Howie and I love this breed! Louie is adorable.  :-*
: Re: Itchy Swissy
: Bubbalove December 23, 2007, 01:35:24 PM
First of all, Louie is adorable!  I love the Swissy's!  Secondly, we have gone through many issues that were skin/allergy things with 2 of our Akitas.  I agree with all of the other posted suggestions and I have 2 words of advice.  Don't leave it all up to the vets!  My last Akita spent her 10 years on this earth miserable for the most part due to vets who were unknowledgable about skin disorders.  We finally saught out a specialist in Akitas (not common in the Midwest!) and have been very happy with his results. We have also used message boards like this to talk to other Akita owners for help.  My other word of advice is don't ignore that this may be a food allergy!  We have done research on grain products in dog food and have recently switched our current Akita (Kana) to an all protein diet.  This has helped with his skin/coat and has assisted with calming his temperment.  Look into that, it's worth a shot!  We use EVO brand. 
Good luck!