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: Toy Q for our new Dane Pup
: kool_geek December 20, 2007, 01:44:22 PM
We finally got the Dane we've been wanting last Saturday. We drove to another state to pick her up.  She was the last of her litter.  She is so great!  A perfect fit for our family!  I wish we would have discovered Danes years ago!
Even training seems effortless!

Anyway, ... on to my question. Before we got her we
picked up a few things ahead of time so we'd be ready
BEFORE she came home.  We got some dog tennis balls
on reccomendation s... but for a Dane pup, we've quickly
found that is kind of a joke.  She quickly shredds them
and then she's out a toy. 

What do you all recommned for a 5mo. Dane pup to play
with?  She sure needs something.. because otherwise
she wants to chew on the Christmas Tree ..LOL!

By the Way, she's a black Dane with Harley Paws and
her name is Molly (aka- The Unsinkable Molly Brown...
.. her dad is a chocolate afterall!)
: Re: Toy Q for our new Dane Pup
: kool_geek December 20, 2007, 01:58:14 PM
Thought you guys might like to take a peek at her.
There are pix at our Picassa Album here:
: Re: Toy Q for our new Dane Pup
: LibbyP December 20, 2007, 02:03:31 PM
Hi and Welcome, Alot of puppers on BPO love Wubbas, Rope bones, kongs stuffed with goodies I'm sure others will be able to offer more suggestions as I haven't had a puppy for 14yrs. I'm Kim mama slave to Miss Libby a almost 6yr old English Mastiff and a crazy Siamese Max.
: Re: Toy Q for our new Dane Pup
: London_Pyr_Lover December 20, 2007, 02:16:52 PM
Hey there!  What a great looking family you have!  Welcome to BPO, I'm Alex, momma to Naja 7 month Great Pyrenees, and Moo, 8 month Cairne Terrier/Toy Poodle mix.  My two love thier Kongs, and I've been looking everywhere for a Snugga Wubba but can't seem to find one since I got my SS one!  lol.  But yeah, those are great too!  Kong makes a really tasty Liver Paste that you can put inside the kong itself that the pups just love!  Stuffies are great, but they don't usually last more then an hour in my house.

Hope that helps!  Good luck in your search, and bring us more pictures!!!   :D :D :D
: Re: Toy Q for our new Dane Pup
: Mojo1269 December 20, 2007, 02:43:42 PM
The Wubba and Snugga are huge hits.  the King toys are great and any of the alrge Nylabone products hold up well.  There is also a line of toys made out of firehose material that holds up great.
: Re: Toy Q for our new Dane Pup
: maxsmom December 20, 2007, 07:16:19 PM
Congratulation s on your new addition.  What a beautiful girl.  You are going to absolutely love her.  Our boys play with their rope bones, rawhides and marrow bones.  That is about all that holds up to them.  We bought one of the xtra large kong toys, but Max chewed it into small pieces in a day.  He unstuffs and de squeaks toys in a matter of minutes.  They love marrow bones threaded on a rope bone too.  I don't know if Dane's are as destructive as IW's.  Good luck with your Molly.  She sure is a pretty pup.