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: Help! Sky's nose!!!
: Leah... December 30, 2007, 03:46:47 PM
I may be able to update this with pictures later, but for now, I'll just try to explain. Sky's nose has always had changing pigment. He had a "butterfly" nose for most of his puppy days, and now most of it has filled in so that there is only one small pink spot. Recently, however the sides of his nose have "faded" or something. There are teensy little pink spots along the sides of his nose. What could this be caused by? The only thing I can think of is the change in weather, and him wanting to spend more time outside (caused by the sun?) We also took a trip up to the mountains and he played in the snow for HOURS (yes, I have pictures) and I kinda started it right after that. I'm just shooting out ideas, has this ever happened to anyones pups noses?
: Re: Help! Sky's nose!!!
: Gevaudan_Jo December 30, 2007, 04:09:26 PM
Zero had something that sounded similar, im not sure if its the same though. but the side of his nose turned pink and it was caused by obsessive ball playing. he has his one ball that he was obsessed over *Zero has OCD* and anyway, it got wet outside, snowy and cold... and the cold + wet ball let to his nose being really gross. i dont remember what darcy called it. but it got better after spending some time AWAY from the wet cold ball.
hopefully Sky is alright and he will be good as new in notime ;)