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: Dale! June's hubby of the month!
: MeAndMyMuttz June 10, 2008, 11:41:56 PM
VOTING HAS BEGUN!!! See below for instructions.
Taking my lead from a girl who does photo contests on my military support group forum, YOU MAY VOTE TWICE... one for 2 different hubbys or twice for the same marvelous man. and you may not vote for yourself :P Please list your votes at the beginning of your reply and commentation after so I can easily count. Hope we get TONS of votes!!!

let's nominate our men and show them some appreciation for everything they do for us, and our families. Even when they can't have a sandwich without finding dog hair in it and they think half of their pay is going to HWP, Flea Prevention, and FOOD for our giant breed pooches they stand by us. Here's our chance to show some appreciation!!

Nominate a wonderful hubby here, tell a little about them and post a picture. I will close nominations on the 15th (father's day coincidentally) and open voting in another post for the following week. I'll post hubby of the month June 22nd. And then we'll start up voting for July.

It will give me something to do :p And I'm going to cheat and nominate mine. But I promise I won't cheat when counting the voteroos  ;)
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OK... so Nominating my wonderful amazing brave compassionate husband Michael...
What is there to say about him, Michael is a US soldier currently serving a 15-18 month tour in Iraq and we couldn't be more proud of him. Besides being the most brave and hard working man I know, he is an AMAZING father and loves his girls. I can't say enough about him, he is truley my soulmate, and my everything. But since this is a DOGGIE forum   ;) I'll get on to the pooch related reasons he should be considered for Hubby of the month for June. And he has never once turned down a poor little puppy dog face when I have brought them into rescue. Even when we had 5 Great Dane puppies (12 weeks old) an adult lab a 110 lb GSD and 3 unrelated 6 month old puppies PLUS our 2 dogs the day he got home for his supposed R&R. His face got a little tight and then I explained to him I had gone to the shelter to pull two into foster care and they were all on the Euthenasia list for the next day, I couldn't leave them. He smiled and said "I know it means so much to you... but I still think you're nuts." sighed, sat on the couch and took 10 minutes learning all their names, lol. Last week he sent an email and told me instead of buying a motorcycle like he had wanted to when he got back from Iraq he was going to build some outdoor kennels with cooling units so I could rescue MORE dogs.

I could go on and on and on... but here's a picture of the man of my life. and I can't wait to see what you all have to say about your wonderful significant others!!

I had to post more than one picture, I couldn't pick my favorite...

This picture is from the day he deployed, I was 32 weeks pregnant :'(


OH, and I couldn't resist adding this one of the night before he went back to the desert.
: Re: HUBBY OF THE MONTH! nominate your man and lets vote! :p
: marypyrs June 11, 2008, 12:44:29 AM
"Oliver Twist" - you've got ONE H*** of a Family!  :-*  :-*
: Re: HUBBY OF THE MONTH! nominate your man and lets vote! :p
: KiraNGunnersmom June 11, 2008, 08:37:23 AM
LMAO!!!!!  I have to vote for gr8dames hubby!!!  ANy man who is willing to wear a scooby do costume and walk the dogs in public and be photographed has got to be great!!!

: Re: HUBBY OF THE MONTH! nominate your man and lets vote! :p
: KiraNGunnersmom June 11, 2008, 08:39:27 AM
Can we vote for more than one hubby??

Oliver twist's mom,  where are you guys stationed? 
: Re: HUBBY OF THE MONTH! nominate your man and lets vote! :p
: jesday June 11, 2008, 09:30:55 AM
What a wonderful idea. Here is my nomination.

My husband can be impulsive with good intentions. Not wanting to leave me alone on a mountain top in a new house because of work related travel, he gets me our babies.

Realizing perhaps he didn't think it through all the way jumps right in to rectify the situation by building a dog run in 15 degree weather and two feet of frozen earth.

This only to be followed up by building a deluxe dog house, cedar to match the house, complete with heating and air. And, let's not forget the swimming pool.

He doesn't bat an eye at the hundreds of dollars already spent on medical issues alone, staff infections, growth plate problems, X-rays galore. Not to mention food and toys and training and ....

Then to top of the expense list, spends $1000 for professional portraits. I won't even tell my family we spent that much for dog pictures.

He loves them, he loves me and I love them all!
: Re: HUBBY OF THE MONTH! nominate your man and lets vote! :p
: People Whisperer June 12, 2008, 07:14:57 AM
My hubby just got a HUGE speeding ticket and I am not nominating him AT ALL! >:( >:( >:(
Oops, sorry, but he could be the fastest hubby out of all ::) :P

P.S. Since Julie is sooo busy I could nominate Rob for her ;D
: MeAndMyMuttz June 15, 2008, 02:07:57 PM
(PLEASE READ FIRST POST IN THIS THREAD FOR VOTING INSTRUCTIONS. And those of you who already voted, please redo them this way since you can vote twice!! :) Thanks everyone!!)

VOTE El'sKids' hubby

VOTE El'sKids' hubby

:D Seeing that dear man out there in feet of snow building an enclosure for your pooches was sweet, and reminded me of my Michael. My votes and appreciation go to your hubby this month :D
: marypyrs June 15, 2008, 03:45:51 PM
You have some FANTASTIC Hubbies out there BPOer's. This is going to be a tough one. I'd like to vote for each and every one! Good thing there are a few days left. ~ ~ ~ I can't make up my mind.  :-\
: MeAndMyMuttz June 22, 2008, 10:34:09 AM
Well... since no one voted... I believe the winner of the initial reaction was Dale!!!

CONGRATULATIONS MR. JUNE and thank you for all that you do for your big pooches and your wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

PS. The Scooby costume looks good on you... you should consider wearing it daily. :P
: Re: Dale! June's hubby of the month!
: jesday June 22, 2008, 05:10:51 PM
I'm sorry no one voted,(oops, including me) :-[  but it is my personal belief that no one could decide because all the men sounded so wonderful. It was still a lovely idea.

I found the picture of your man kissing your belly on day of deployment quite touching. I had to show it to everyone who comes to my house.