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: Ideas for "Canine Carnival"????
: seaherons June 12, 2008, 12:06:27 PM
Cirra's Dog Scout Troop will be co-sponsoring the "Canine Carnival" this year with the local kennel club.  It is an annual event for Responsible Dog Ownership Day in September.  I am looking for ideas - especially successful ways to promote the event and different activties and/or booths to have on that day.  Any suggestions??? 

: Re: Ideas for "Canine Carnival"????
: Icerotti June 12, 2008, 06:22:20 PM
For activities you could have the pooper scooper challenge. Have some pooper scoopers and herseys kisses in a roped off area. Whoever gathers the most"poop" in 15 sec Then give out a roll of poop bags as a prize or a nice thing that attaches to your leash with poop bags. Then you could raffle off the pooper scoopers.
: Re: Ideas for "Canine Carnival"????
: seaherons June 12, 2008, 06:26:37 PM
Great ideas folks, keep 'em comin'! 
: Re: Ideas for "Canine Carnival"????
: Scootergirl June 12, 2008, 09:35:24 PM
canine kissing booth where the dog is the kisser

cake walk or musical chairs with dog-related music like "who let the dogs out", "how much is that doggie in the window", etc.

get a cheap kiddie pool and some different colored tennis balls. fill the pool with water and throw in the tennis balls, let the dog pick a ball out of the water (like bobbing for balls or the duck pond game at carnivals). You'd have different prizes based on what color ball the dog picked up.

get a few plastic sand pails. Line them up and hide a treat under them. If the dog picks the right pail, he gets a prize.

have a "stupid pet tricks" contest.

set up a mini agility course
: Re: Ideas for "Canine Carnival"????
: DAMAGE June 13, 2008, 09:23:22 AM
Would one of your local vets do a 'special price' micro-chipping for the event?
  In the musical chairs game replace the chairs with paper plates and the folks have to get their dogs to sit on the plate!
  Have a 'dress your dog' race. Gather up a bunch of varying sizes of old socks, shirts and party hats, boxer shorts too if you're really evil. Do a  fairly close match up of the contestants and clothes and put piles of the outfits at the far end of the course. At the signal, contestants run to the clothes, dress their dog and then run back. First one back with all their clothes on wins. Here is a picture of Raemi's sister, when they were puppies, at a picnic where we played this game.
  If you have a local radio station, why not see if they will put in a 'plug' for you, too? Sounds like you will have a really great time. Have fun! Take and post lots of pix!!
: Re: Ideas for "Canine Carnival"????
: acelder September 01, 2008, 04:36:05 PM
I found this page and fell in LOVE! ;) Since reading it in June I've put together my own Carnival.   Wanted to give you guys an update on it.  I am using this event to raise money for the Venango County Humane Society and The Oil Creek State Park.  We are having several booth and contests.  While we are not kid people and only Dog people-we've decided we want our event to be successful so we've  incorporated kid events also.  We have some contests for the dogs: cutest collar, david and goliath, longest/shortest tail, loudest bark, 30 seconds to fame, clothing race.  for kids we have face painting, coloring contest, activities booth.  The humane society will have a booth advertising their adoptable pets.  We will also have geocaching.  (a treasure hunt with GPS-any questions just ask-it's really fun).  We have our local fire department selling food.  A caricature artist to sketch your dog in a funny sketch.  A professional photographer to take professional pictures.  We also have a groomer to do nail clipping.  We applied through the AKC for the responsbile pet ownership day and had our event listed on their site.  We also sent out press releases to local radio stations and newspapers.  And have a radio station covering the event.  We have had two different dog food makers ask to give out samples of their dog food.  We also have two papers doing editorials on the event.  We sent out mailers to local business to get them to sponsor the event to help cover the cost.  All in all-we've been really successfull in setting up the event.  It isn't until September 27th, 2008-so as far as how it goes.  I'll keep everyone posted.  We've also had local businesses give us gift certificates and such to give out as prizes.  We have a local PD K-9 Unit coming out to give a demonstration.  Oh....and we have the Mayor of the city signing pet promises.  And she proclaimed it Responsible Dog Ownership Day! :)  I have high hopes for this event.  and I owe it to this particular post for the idea and inspiration.  THANK YOU! :)  ;D ;D ;D
: Re: Ideas for "Canine Carnival"????
: lins_saving_grace September 01, 2008, 06:36:15 PM
Hoola Hoop Jumping contest.  Grace loved her hoola hoop when she was little.  Well, she liked it right up to the point where she kicked the hoop on the way through once and it made a rattle noise.  she never used it again.

Fetching contests. 

Kong licking contests.  who can get all the peanut butter out of the kong first.
: Re: Ideas for "Canine Carnival"????
: DenverFurKiddos September 02, 2008, 09:09:21 AM
I went to doggie party once where we played musical chairs.  You had to walk around the circle of chairs with your pup.  When the music stopped, you had to get your dog to sit before you could take a seat.  It was fun......proba bly because Champ won!!!!  Just another idea!