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: A few new pictures of Dolly
: Saint and Mal mom June 21, 2008, 06:01:11 PM
Hey guys, I hadn't posted pics of either of my girls in a little while, so figured why not do it now?!  :) I'll post some of Zoey in a separate thread too I think.

Dolly is officially 3 years old as of May. We succesfully put her on a diet, she lost 10 pounds, and she is now right on the target weight I had for her; 125 pounds.  :) She has blowing a lot of her coat out this year, it's a bit overwhelming! lol! She is inside right now and says hi to everyone and wants them to try to convince her mommy not to give her a bath tomorrow.  :D ::)


This pic is WHY I'm giving her a bath tomorrow.  :D ::)

Here she is with her sister Zoey.  :)

She can be clean!

That's all for now!
: Re: A few new pictures of Dolly
: GoldenPyrs June 22, 2008, 12:20:32 AM
What beautiful girls (with or without a little bit o' mud).   :D   I think that you should post pics tomorrow after her bath, too.   ;)  Mine get the cutest, pouty look on their faces, like wouldja look at what my mean, mean Mom did to me!  Ha, ha!