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: water bowls
: lookingfornewf July 11, 2008, 06:59:25 AM
What kind of water bowl does your pup use? Clifford prefers the raised variety that is never empty. ::)
: Re: water bowls
: People Whisperer July 11, 2008, 07:18:18 AM
BHAHAHAHAAA! Did Miss Penny teach him this trick? :D ::)
Nothing taste better that fresh cold water :P
: Re: water bowls
: EllieAndBlu July 11, 2008, 07:29:28 AM
: Re: water bowls
: lookingfornewf July 11, 2008, 08:55:15 AM
Do they really have child locks for the toilet? or is that just for the bathroom door?
: Re: water bowls
: shangrila July 11, 2008, 02:28:45 PM
Did Miss Penny teach him this trick? :D ::)

We have a new fangled toilet that doesn't fill verty high so she prefers the "whole head in" approach ;)
: Re: water bowls
: People Whisperer July 11, 2008, 02:36:57 PM
OMG! That is too funny :D
Who is next? :)
: Re: water bowls
: amberdoggoneit July 11, 2008, 03:14:05 PM
Our dogs tend to have this problem with the drinking from the always full water bowl!!! 

Bell the other night woke up hubby and ran to the hall bathroom door and started to scratch at it.  He didnt know why she was doing this so naturally opened it.  She ran right to the toilet lifted the lid and started drinking. 

HAHAHHA ;D He wasnt a happy camper at 2 in the morning.  He walks into the kitchen and there is her water bowl FULL of water.  Shouldn't she have known not to wake daddy up to let her drink from the toilet!!! :D ;)
: Re: water bowls
: jabear July 11, 2008, 04:45:43 PM
That is the funniest picture I've seen in long time! I love it!! Bear rarely uses his water bowl but uses the next best thing, close to Clifford, the tub faucet. He climbs in regularly and waits for his fresh water.
: Re: water bowls
: SadieA July 11, 2008, 06:36:11 PM
Ok, I'll admit that picture is pretty funny. However, I think it kind of pales in comparison with your avatar picture, which is HILARIOUS!!! Oh my goodness. I just love the crazy faces big goofy furry dogs make. Sam is a pro, but I really think Clifford wins.
: Re: water bowls
: jesday July 11, 2008, 07:03:20 PM
Thank goodness my bubs haven't figured out how to open the toilet yet. The first time I realized they were getting a cool one was when I sat on a totally soaked seat - and my husband wasn't even home!

They do prefer water from any source other than their nice clean, fresh water bowl. What gets me is they will slurp up the dirtiest muddy gooky water they find out on the street.
: Re: water bowls
: Newly Newfed July 14, 2008, 09:38:05 PM
Now they will try to come in our tiny bathroom with us and will stare at the sink hoping we turn the water on.

Gweck will also climb in the tub looking for water

Sierra does the same thing.  I'll notice she isn't around and I'll find her in the bathroom staring intently at the tub faucet, like if she concentrates hard enough it will go on by itself.  Sometimes if she's in there a while and no one comes, she'll peek her head out the door and stare at us until we turn it on for her.  She won't climb in though.  I guess she thinks she's setting herself up for a bath if she willingly gets in.   ;D
: Re: water bowls
: jennifer July 15, 2008, 09:10:32 AM
I'd regularly find Nakita in the tub, willing the faucet to produce cold fresh water.  Plus it's a nice cool place to lie down. ;)  Our new house has a tub with higher sides = harder to get into.  But she'll stand at the side with the same intent expression.  Oh - the power of the mind.  ::)

Unfortunately, we've graduated to using the toilet.  I've caught them once or twice but the real treat is practically falling off the toilet when I sit and slide on a big goober left by a satisfied customer.  Ew!   :P
: Re: water bowls
: Newly Newfed July 15, 2008, 09:51:49 AM
Eww.  We luckily don't have that problem...  Jeff has this issue with the toilet lids being down when not "in use".  Sierra hasn't learned to open it yet.
: Re: water bowls
: jennifer July 15, 2008, 10:10:50 AM
Oh - the lid is down.  The other clue of naughtiness is the nerve-jangling clang of the toilet seat lid falling down when they remove their head from the bowl.  ::)
: Re: water bowls
: jennifer July 15, 2008, 10:11:12 AM
Hey - what happened to my avatar??   :-\
: Re: water bowls
: Fumble July 15, 2008, 06:31:49 PM
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA  :D It looks like you've got quite a ham on your hands... although they love the water!
: Re: water bowls
: GoldenPyrs July 15, 2008, 09:52:47 PM
Daisy is out toilet drinker.  Sam & Cass just look at her like "Uhhhhh, YUCK!" but it doesn't fazz her.  Agh.  I'd love to get everyone to leave the lids down but with 3 sons & one husband, I'm just happy that I've gotten them to all leave the seats down.  ::)  ;D  I try to pick my battles....:D