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: Nasty nipping - New puppy
: sedders001 July 30, 2008, 03:59:07 AM
My new Leonberger puppy is very nippy - and does not stop when prompted with an 'ehh ehh'!
He even gets more aggitated when I raise my voice and say 'NO' - trying to come back at me for more  :'(
I am now trying the 'getting up and leaving him alone with his thoughts' routine - but not really seeing any breakthrough as yet....

anyone any suggestions?
: Re: Nasty nipping - New puppy
: dog lover July 30, 2008, 04:47:33 AM
Hi and welcome  :)

I'm really not sure i can help as i am in exactly the same situation lol

My leo puppy is doing the nipping thing and he just will not give up , he thinks its ok to pull the fur from the underneath of my retriever and also my leonberger girl ( they are not thrilled about it at all bless them )

I also started with a firm NO , which has now progressed to a slight tap & moving him away .
Still even after that he just shouts at me with a miffed kind of growly bark & the whole cycle starts again .

Just keep ontop of your pup he/she will learn in time that you are the leader ( says me giving advice and thinking to myself geez when will he realise im the leader lol  :D )

I forgot to ask how old is your Leo and if you have pics then please post them .
: Re: Nasty nipping - New puppy
: patrick July 30, 2008, 06:55:05 AM
Dr Ian Dunbar is a must read but as far as him nipping the other dogs I let them take care of it.  Dogs are very good at teaching youngsters boundaries- better than us!
: Re: Nasty nipping - New puppy
: lookingfornewf July 30, 2008, 07:07:18 AM
The ignoring worked best for us, sometimes even walking into another room and closing the door. It won't happen overnight, it takes a lot of time and those puppy teeth sure are sharp. It also works best if everybody is doing the same thing.
: Re: Nasty nipping - New puppy
: sedders001 July 30, 2008, 07:22:56 AM
many thanks for the help on this one

i will have to get the kids to help put some photos up - and spend a bit of time getting to know my way around the site....

but i will get it done

nice to know some other people are experiencing the same thing

will persevere