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: New here question about a newf
: rockcreek February 07, 2009, 11:54:30 AM
He is 1 year old now, got him around 8-8/12 weeks. He was sick for a week but recovered. He is a very active dog and stubborn. I have tried alot of traing methods ,read books, videos. The main problem is when he gets happy he jumps, leaps at you and nips. He also runs toward you to run into you. My husband takes him for a walk everyday and when he turns around to start back Jonah starts leaping biting etc.
He is actually pretty good in alot of other areas. I am having trouble getting close to him. My husband is bonding with him and Jonah loves him.  I just got a gentle leader and tried it today. He was actually doing ok then it broke. The company is sending us a new one. Has anyone had success with them? Jonah is crszy about people and freaks when he sees them. Needless to say they want nothing to do with him cause he is a pain and big. Sorry this is so long. its frustrating.  rockcreek
: Re: New here question about a newf
: Vapidfire February 07, 2009, 01:29:42 PM

  I don't like gentle leaders I don't think they really teach your dog much of anything and I've seen dogs actually hurt themselves with them. I'm willing to admit their owners might have fitted them wrong but I just don't like them.

A lot of people here probably won't agree with me but I'm still a fan of the old fashion pinch or choke collars. I always walk my dogs on a choke and if they are being particularly bratty they get switched to a pinch collar. There is a knack to using a choke collar though and most people do not use them properly. Pinch collars also need to be fitted properly before being used!

I have found the choke particularly helpful with our Alpha female. There has been times where I have left it on her with the leash attached for quick correction. Mostly her growling at my toddler (in the past! we have solved this issue) and more recently when she was being a jerk to our new puppy.

It really sounds like your boy needs some direction in his life. I'd start working with the NILIF (Nothing In Life is Free) policy and making him work for what he gets. Our dogs have to sit to be fed, sit to go out, sit to come in, sit to get petted and if our Alpha girl has been copping an attitude she ends up having do lay down for all of the above in stead.

The sooner he learns he gets zero attention unless his butt is parked firmly on the floor the happier everyone will be.
: Re: New here question about a newf
: rockcreek February 07, 2009, 03:25:55 PM
Thanks for your advice. We do make him sit before alot of things. He does that well but if company comes he does not listen. I am hoping its cause he's a puppy. I took him out with the gentle halter and I was actually surprised he did as good as he did. I have never had such a stubborn dog. We are seeing little changes. It's just taking along time to get things through his thick head.
: Re: New here question about a newf
: apple25 February 08, 2009, 11:19:06 AM
I was recommended to use a prong collar on my Petra when she is being particularly bad.  My trainer demonstrated a prong vs. a regular collar - you can try it on your own arm.  The prong doesn't hurt - just gets her attention when she is pulling/jumping.  It is amazing the difference, and she doesn't mind it at all . . . she comes running when I grab it to go outside!

I also agree with the NILF policy, which it sounds like you are doing a bit of already.  Good luck and stay firm!
: Re: New here question about a newf
: Tonda February 08, 2009, 11:58:32 AM
I grew up with Newfs, and I'll second (third?) the use of NILIF and a prong collar. And make sure ALL your friends and guests follow your lead. If you don't like the idea of a prong collar, you might also try one of the harnesses with the leash clip over the chest.

Best of luck with him.
: Re: New here question about a newf
: lorim2 February 08, 2009, 12:19:04 PM
I agree with everyone here.  I have used both types of collars.  I think they both are fine but I would think from my experience it would be the size that would make the difference.  My lab I have used a gentle leader.  They are fine and I have never seen one hurt a dog.  She is an 80lb lab and I feel totally comfortable with her in it.  I used it for training and still bring it out some.  Now for Marley, I used the prong when we go out.  I personally dont feel comfortable enough with a 200plus lb dog in a leader and I find I have all the control I need with a prong. Both used properly are great collars.  How big is your newf?

By the way, welcome to BPO. I am Lori and my crew is listed below!
: Re: New here question about a newf
: ozzysma February 14, 2009, 11:20:46 PM
i think you saying you are having trouble getting close to him says alot!! you have a big goofy newfy that seriously
NEEDS training.  i have honestly been there with my ozzy. it took me 3 year and many collars before i broke down and took a few classes and had him fitted with a prong.  WELL I had a BRAND NEW DOG!! i think a class could help you also, it did me. even just to learn how to be the one in charge.  you are getting some very good advice from everyone, best of luck!!
: Re: New here question about a newf
: KylieMay February 15, 2009, 02:53:02 AM
I agree with the previous posters - more training would likely help, and consider the prong collar. It's not the solution for every dog, but for some big, stubborn pooches, it's the only way to go. Our prior regulation-size (and stubborn!!) Newf really needed the prong (our trainer called it 'power steering'), but thanks to a different personality and clicker training, our current mini-Newfie needs nothing more than a flat collar and a couple of goldfish crackers to be heeling like a champ. :) Good luck!