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: Loose stool and teething??
: samsmom March 27, 2009, 04:41:04 AM
Good morning all,
 I have an issue with Sam and wanted your more experienced advice. Sam is 16 wks old and 42 lbs. He has been doing fine. My issue: sorry in advance if TMI...his stool has gone from being normal to being pudding-like and sometimes watery in 2 days. I have not changed anything in his diet or schedule. He is still playful and full of energy. Eating well and drinking. He has not eaten anything he should not have (as far as I can be sure) He has not been exposed to anyone new or any new areas. He is teething hard though. Could this be the reason for his stool issue? What would you suggest? He has a vet appt. next Tues. Should I just wait and see of should I go ahead and take him in? I prob. could not get him ni to his regular vet until tomorrow unless you guys think it is an emergency. Like I said before he seems fine other than the stool issue.
Thanks again,
: Re: Loose stool and teething??
: People Whisperer March 27, 2009, 05:46:04 AM
Does he have an urge to go? Is it loose stool or diarhhea? Something might have irritated his intestine or you can check him for worms  :-\

Try adding canned pumpkin to his food and make sure he drinks prenty of water  :)
: Re: Loose stool and teething??
: samsmom March 27, 2009, 06:19:32 AM
Thanks guys for the input,
He just was at the vet 1.5 wks ago and checked Ok for worms. We had a case of roundworm when we first got him but the vet sez' that he is clear now. I guess it is poss. that he could have picked them up again from somewhere.
When you ask does he have to go... he asks to go out like normal but when he goes it is loose to watery. I'll try the pumpkin and rice. If it is still an issue he does see the vet on Tues. He is drinking fine and other than the stool issue seems like his normal self. I am/was worried but didn't want to freak out too soon.  :o Thanks again for the help you are all lifesavers. Sam sez' thanks too.
: Re: Loose stool and teething??
: samsmom March 28, 2009, 02:43:34 AM
Good morning folks,
Just an update on Sam. He doing a little better this morning. I may have found the culprit for the loose stool. I say "may have" because I am making an educated guess. He was fine until the day I let him out front with me while I cut some grasses out of the garden. I remembered that I caught him with some azalia in his mouth and took it away from him. He also was terriozing my Thyme...I have found out from the Vet that both of these are toxic to dogs.
I feel like a bad Mom and I am usually so dilagent about keeping an eye on him. I just didn't see the danger. I will have to only let him out front when all I am doing is watching him. At least until he learns to leave stuff alone.  Thanks again.
: Re: Loose stool and teething??
: samsmom March 28, 2009, 10:19:51 AM
The regular type of thymes are not toxic, as far as I know but this is a type East Indian Thyme/Spanish Thyme or Indian Borage. I grow it in pots as part of my medinical herb garden. I also have the regular type of thyme that is for cooking.  He did not get into that. But he is doing much better today. Sam sez' thanks for the compliment.