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: How I met Ruby
: Morweena April 01, 2009, 11:13:46 AM
So I'm a single woman that thought long and hard about getting dog for companionship. I loved my ex boyfriends malamute and decided I wanted one of the big fuzzy guys for myself  as I just adored his independant spirit and the talking... you mal people know what I mean.
But I was renting so a few wonderful dogs at the local shelter slipped through my fingers.
One day while trolling the net I found an add for bullmastiff/malamute cross pups and I thought the little white one was just adorable. But I was still renting and never contacted the breeder.
A couple of months later I was in the process of getting approved for a mortgage with the intention of buying the apartment I was renting. I wanted to show someone the pic of the cute white pup and typed the same key word search into Google and bam there was the same dog but 2  months older!
Seems the gent that took her couldn't keep her after all, his roommates didn't enjoy housebreaking or her shedding.
I met her and thought she was sweet, maybe too submissive but a cute and bright dog.
The day the bank approved my mortgage he dropped Ruby (then named Rubus after her blackberry nose) off at my place.
She moped a little, missing Tristan but by the weekend there was no doubting she was my dog.

Below are some pics, one of Lightning the ex's mal then Ruby who was watching me eat and well doing some classic mastiff drooling

: Re: How I met Ruby
: navarre1316 April 02, 2009, 03:36:34 PM
That's so cool!!!  What an awesome story and Ruby is beautiful.  Is her coat like a Mal's?  It looks short in the pic.  Modified (again) cause I actually looked at your avatar!!!!  So, forget the question!!

Oh, and welcome!!!!
: Re: How I met Ruby
: Morweena April 02, 2009, 05:07:20 PM
as you can see it's pretty short but she does have longer hair on her shoulders and her rump, almost like a mal's short summer coat, it "blows" there too, you can see the bits of undercoat sticking out
I LOVE my furminator!