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: Hereis your puppy fix for the day!
: kildeskennel April 30, 2005, 04:42:25 PM

Puppys are 20 days old today, and eating solid "mash" twice daily, they are VERY dirty "big" babies!  Picture quality is not the best this time, my hubby was messing around with the camera and I did not realize he had some settings changed until I loaded them to the computer!   :-\  Enjoy!  
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: nickerbokker April 30, 2005, 05:53:42 PM


how adorable! 

we had 11 pups one year, my gosh was that a handful!  how many do you have?
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: Rufiesmom April 30, 2005, 06:02:21 PM
Mom look so happy!  They look like more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  It must be hilarious to watch them play!  They are really growing fast.  Keep the pics coming!!!  Thanks! :)
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: kildeskennel April 30, 2005, 06:24:50 PM
She had 16 total, number 14 and 15 were stillborn, blue tounges, it was terrible...num ber 16 not breathing but still pink tounge , I think it was 11-12 minutes later after lots of work on him that we convinced him to stick around!  Kids call him Lazarus he is my biggest male and curly as all get out which is VERY good!  Very dark pigment too which is a very good thing!  I have 13 left for placement, 8 f and 5 m!  They are very comical  ::) especially learning to eat!  They get so MESSY!  I am very happy my husband put linoleum tile in the bottom of the whelping box he built for her!  Makes cleaning so much easier!  4 were bottle fed, initiall I thought Beauty had 1o tetas only, which she does, but her very hind teats never bagged up so she had only 8 working teats and the first 10 days was LONG but rewarding.  ALL babies made it and are growing well, and no more bottles!   ;)  I am really enjoying them.  The Sire and DA\am have such excellent temperments and very strong champion bloodlines, I personally don't show them but the potential is definately there. 
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: mastiffmommy April 30, 2005, 08:04:54 PM
They are too cute, but with so many of them I can imagine you are working your behinds off. Just the cleaning must be a full time work lol.....

Keep the pics coming and if you have the energy give them hugs and kisses from us

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: nettrek4 April 30, 2005, 08:14:57 PM
   They are absolutely splendiferous!  Nothing, NOTHING, is quite like puppies.  Even though you may wear out 2-3 mops, at least one washing machine, and go through a metric ton of newspaper - even though you have to give up your idea of the immcaulate kennel for a while - even though your heart breaks when one doesn't make it - you still end up with this idiot grin on your face and this glow in your heart.  
   Our last litter was 11, and the last one was stillborn. I have done the "Lazerus" thing before, sometimes you get them back, sometimes you just can't do it.  But all 10 of the live ones did so well.  Since it was Laurie's first litter and 10 is a lot, we divided them into A shift and B shift, and traded them out every 2 hours for 2 weeks, until their eyes opened.    Either Bill or I slept beside them for two weeks, with an alarm clock.   Laurie was a doll, a champion, so calm and careful and loving - she quickly learned to count to ten and checked the tally every few minutes, five in the whelping box, 5 in the incubator.  She never objected or got nervous over our handling of them.
    One of life's most wonderful things is when you can climb into the clean box, curl up,  and just be one of the puppy pile.  By the time you clean up after them for 8-10 weeks, it helps you get over missing them when they're gone - but only if you can keep one or two for yourself!!
    Puppies, glorious puppies.  Marcia P. and the Bonnie Collies
: Love all the puppies guys!
: pitas April 30, 2005, 08:34:35 PM
The pups are adorable!  Love that new puppy breath and smell!  I wish you continued health for Mom (human and canine) and all those pups!  I am sure you are all pooped out.  Try to get some sleep soon!

Anita and the goofy Newfies from NJ
: Re: Hereis your puppy fix for the day!
: kildeskennel April 30, 2005, 09:31:45 PM
 ;D  LOL!   I know what you mean about the shift work! ::)  it has been a WONDERFUL experience.  This is my first litter with Beauty and despite being tired all the time right now, I am still loving every minute of it, there is NOTHING like puppy breath and puppy smell I agree!  I had to laugh about your comment about curling up in the whelping box!  I am an RN and work 12 hour shifts, usually 3 on 4 off then 4 on 5 off, last week after my 4th shift I came home and cleaned up her box, put fresh bedding in and laid with her while she nursed the pups ( the glory of a large breed means a large box!)  apparently I fell asleep, waking up 3 hours later  :-\ my hu sband started laughing when I emerged from the "nursery" a bit disoriented as I tend to get upon waking, and not in my usual bed, he said I looked so comfortable in there he just could not wake me up to send me off to bed!   :D  I can only imagine what I must have looked like!  Beauty is a snuggler and with all those babies...OH MY!  I am thankful noone pooped on me, and if they did she cleaned me off good!  LOL!!!
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: kildeskennel April 30, 2005, 09:42:50 PM
I love your Collies!  I grew up with a collie, my mom's "baby" AND her name was...Bonnie!   What a wonderful girl she was! Your babies are very beautiful!  10 is alot of babies too. Its amazing the ammount of trust they have for ones they love.  Beauty would just watch me with her big trusting eyes, never once became nervous when we rotated or removed a baby for bottle feeding.  She always has this look of utter content on her face, its great.  I am seriously considering having her spayed after they are weaned however,  a litter of 16 is a very large litter for a Kuvasz, 8 is typically the largest, of course there are exceptions, but I worry that this will be her norm and it was very hard on her the last week, then she went a week early, and the pups were sharing placenta's so half were born with no placenta cords were already "white" at the tip so I knew they had detached early on when the other was born, it was very touch and go.  Scary...Many needed extra help just to get going and the later on we got in the deliveries the more help was needed,my heart and stomach were so clenched up I am suprised I didn't have a stroke!   I don't want to risk her or her babies in the future.  I have thought of keeping one female or male and purchasing another mate for it but I want to wait and see how many I am able to place.  We have always dreamed of doing this but have to take it SLOW and one step at a time.  Placing them in responsible lovingh omes is very important us and we won't sell to just anyone.  SOOOOO we shall see!  
: Re: Adorable puppies
: Jaimie May 01, 2005, 09:30:41 AM
The puppy pics are sooo adorable, keep'em coming.
: Re: Hereis your puppy fix for the day!
: nettrek4 May 01, 2005, 10:14:53 AM
  Yes, when they are born, at your behest, you are responsible for each and every one of them for the rest of their lives.  It is the placing of each pup in it's forever home, plus the production of quality breed-standard pups, that is the challenge of the breeder - whether you have a large professional kennel or not.
   No matter how you advertise - internet, local paper, breed magazine, etc - you will get hundreds of responses.  You have to take the time to get to know each prospective owner by phone, by email, having them visit you, doing home visits if at all possible.  I think your gut instinct will help you home in on the really warm hearted and prepared ones, and rule out the avaricious and the uninformed.  You will want to have a questionaire made up in advance that you can send to each inquirer - things that you absolutely have to know about family situatuion, other pets, employment, location, housing, etc.  I require 2 written references, one from the person's vet, one from an employer/co-worker/neighbor/longtime friend.  There is also a written contract signed stating both parties responsibiliti es, what the health guarrantee is, and also stating that I will take this puppy back at any time upon request, or within the first year if I find any evidence of neglect.  Then you have to stay in touch and make visits after the pups go home, sometimes for years, just to find out how the pup turned out and what they look like, their health, etc.  Most of my pups are sold as companions and have a signed spay/neuter agreement, and I also require that I am notified by the vet when this is carried out.
    Even if you do all that, you will still worry that someday one of your pups might need help and you wouldn't know about it.  That is every breeder's nightmare - that some pup of yours ends up in rescue or, worse, needs rescue and doesn't get it.  Or that the dog was bred indiscriminate ly and now there are other dogs of your breed who might need rescue. Being a breeder is chock-a-block with responsibiliti es, not for the faint of heart.
   I could write a book full of the stories of people who have my pups, everything from the collies they had as children to tales of their familes and their collies.  Maybe I should really write it, not just talk about it.  AFTER I stop breeding and retire, maybe I will have time!  I am a medical technologist for a multi-physician practice, but  I work only 8 hour day shifts and my husband is home during that time.
     Fortunately, I have been doing this for some while and usually have a waiting list of people whom I have already checked out who are waiting and hoping for one of my pups. When I know that a litter is on the way, I start advertising and "vetting" the prospective purchasers.  I even take refundable deposits from approved people who want to reserve the choice of a puppy.  After the puppies are born, as you know, there's much less time for this sort of thing!
    Good luck and keep us informed, I'm betting that there are a bunch of lucky familes out there, dreaming about their new puppy, who will soon be beating a path to your door!  Marcia P. and the Bonnie Collies