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Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Licking Aluminum posts in a kennel
« on: July 11, 2005, 09:01:31 am »
We have a 3 yr old Tibetan Mastiff female that licks the posts in the kennel on some morning....she has ample water in her kennel and I was just wondering if anyone else has observed this (behaviour) with their dog??

Could it be a lack of a nutrient in her diet????

I had the pleasure to meet a few CAO at a Rare Breed Dog Show iN Heightstown NJ about 6 years ago very stunning looking breed

Remembering those no longer with us. / Three Dogs in 9 Months
« on: July 11, 2005, 08:50:53 am »
This is my first timeposting on this board I have enjoyed reading the posts of many of you.

I have a heavy heart, we have just euthanized our first Tibetan mastiff (Zeus).after a stroke...and previously we had to euthanize his aunt (Jessie) who was 15 and a beautiful shep x collie (Cleo) who was 14.

It has been a tough 9 months and I hope that our two remaining Tibetan
Mastiffs ages 8 and 3 will be around for while a bit longer.

While none of these dogs ever set foot in a show ring they brough us wonderful memories and constant companionship for many years

Cleo, Jessie and Zeus you are all dearly missed

Although I am not an active person on this list I am terribly sorry for your loss, we have lost a shep x collie (Cleo) in late Oct last year from a seizure and then had to euthainze our 15 year old Tibetan Mastiff Jessie...Cleo and Jessie had been life long buddies since we brough Jessie home at the age of two and after Cleo passed away Jessie withered away.

Time will lessen the pain, but often it will only take a kind word or an old photograph to make you shed more tears.  Take comfort in knowing that you and anyone that actually feels emotion when an animal passes away are special spirits and that you will again one day be able to comb their wonderful fur and have them lick your face with gladness at seeing you.

Although we still have (3) Tibetan Mastiffs I still mourn the loss of both dogs and will continue to do so until I meet them both again.  HUGS....

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