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it's eiren... i'm home and on stacy's computer...
great idea! thanks, i just emailed the breeder the newf rescue for NE to forward to the guy...

Newfoundland Discussions / Re: fumble got beat up... twice!!
« on: February 19, 2007, 08:35:42 am »
thanks everyone for all your hugs and kisses!! i was just reading the responses out loud to eiren, and fumble hid his head... poor big guy!!   i'm just not a big fan of all the growling, nasty bites and fangs!! i'm happy that fumble is so docile, but sometimes i do wish he was able to defend himself... i just hope he doesn't begin to pick up on these nasty behaviors!! 

Newfoundland Discussions / fumble got beat up... twice!!
« on: February 19, 2007, 06:58:29 am »
We went to the philly area to visit my parents this weekend!! they just bought a new house in a big community and we were soo excited to see them.  Well i was walking around the house with fumble, because he had to go to the bathroom but apparently was holding a standoff... and we met up with a black standard poodle, who my mom said was really friendly.. so i figured yes! playtime for fumble! it's so few and far between.. well i let him go because the ground was a sheet of ice, and there was no way i was going to be dragged... and i figured okay this dog is friendly and likes to play... nope nope nope.. the standard poodle attacked poor fumble. and he is such a sissy he takes it.  well i finally got him away from her and i saw blood on the snow which FREAKED me out!  i took him back in the house and my dad took a towel to his whole body, but we couldn't find where the blood was coming from.. but the poor guy!!  he just takes it!  doesn't growl or bite back..

number 2!!  we went to a lady's house who had to mutts, and my mom said they were both really friendly, so i took fumble out of the car.. and they all started just sniffing eachother.  i let the leash go, but i stayed close, because i was really nervous.. well the male dog decided to give it to fumble.. like really give it to him!  poor fumble was crying and yelping, and when we finally got the mutt off of fumble he had a HUGE clump of fumble fur in his mouth.. yet again fumble just took it.. i swear that dog wouldn't bite another if it meant life or death.. after that fight we had a cut on the inside of his ear and a little cut on his nose... i just feel bad for the poor guy it's like the "fat kid" that no one likes :( my poor baby

he definately needs some other newfie time!! hopefully they wouldn't beat up on him.. i just wish i knew why it keeps happening!! 

Newfoundland Pictures / Re: New Video of Fumble
« on: February 09, 2007, 05:14:51 pm »
Awww, Thanks Guys!! Fumble loves to just stick his head all the way out, i actually think it may be too cold for even him to stick it out all the way! Im sure ill get better film when it warms up! Poor stacy tried this past weekend when we took him and everytime he saw the camera come out the window he would duck back in the window and hide!  :P Hes such a goof ball!! :)

Newfoundland Pictures / New Video of Fumble
« on: February 08, 2007, 05:41:46 pm »
Hey guys! Its Eiren! :) I decided to video tape fumble's head outside of the window, I think its the funniest thing in the world, esp when his jowls(Sp?) flap around!! Hehehehe
I hope you guys enjoy!! I even put it to music! :)

General Board for Big Dogs with Big Paws / Re: Puppy Bowl
« on: February 05, 2007, 07:47:49 am »
Eiren and I kept flipping over to it all afternoon.. and last night when i got in bed i started cracking up and eiren could tell from her bedroom that i was still watching the puppy bowl!! They were alll sooo cute!

Siberian Husky Pictures / Re: Pictures of my boy! ( GREYCLOUD)
« on: February 04, 2007, 03:31:39 pm »
he is adorable!!!!

I think that you did the best you could have done. The last thing you want is your animal to be in pain and suffer.. that is the worst. I think you did what was right. you are not an awful friend, you are actually a very good friend because you were honest with your friend and helped her so much! The best memories of your dog are ones where they are smiling, running, jumping, ect. not painful cries and winces.. you guided her into making the right decision..

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / Re: Hi, Newbie.
« on: February 04, 2007, 07:38:43 am »
Hi welsome to BPO!! Im Stacy an auntie to a 1.5yr old Newfoundland Fumble!! Im sorry to hear about the injury but it sounds like you are doing everything you could to make it easier for her!

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Re: Bubba is 2 today!
« on: February 04, 2007, 07:36:38 am »
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA!! I hope you had a great day!! :)

Saint Bernard Pictures / Re: Wrestling in the snow!
« on: February 04, 2007, 07:35:43 am »
Oh they are having a blast!! i love all the snow pics! Fumble is very jealous! its cold enough, were just not getting any..maybe this week for the big guy!

Newfoundland Pictures / Re: A few goofy Newfies enjoying the snow!
« on: February 04, 2007, 07:33:45 am »
OH they are so cute!! i need another newf and we need some snow to make a picture that great!! :)

I love your newfys!! they look like they are having a blast!! :)

Leonberger Pictures / Re: Pictures Finally
« on: February 02, 2007, 06:05:20 am »
THey are great pictures! Leo's are such beautiful dogs!

eiren forgot to mention the most strange thing that fumble does... HE NIBBLES ON YOUR EARLOBEs!

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