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Hi all,

Cooper is 2 years old, and we got him in May from a breeder. He was returned to the breeder for allergies in the family, but has been a healthy dog. We have been feeding Taste of the Wild Prairie mixed w/1 T. of canned (usually Wellness) and he's done OK, though stool has been pretty soft and from time to time unformed.

About 3 wks ago he hurt his leg, and the vet prescribed Rimadyl. He had a reaction to it so we stopped it right away, but he's had the runs ranging from watery to yogurt poo (sorry) off and on since then. He'll have 3 days of yuck, then 1-2 days solid, then back again. I had him in for bloodwork and a stool sample, both came back normal. They gave him I/D and Flagyl, which seems to make him *feel* better (he's more dependably happy, goofy and active). Tonight he did have a super soft unformed poo, but it is hot out, so not sure if that might be causing it.

So, in terms of feeding, when we go back to a normal diet, I am in search of a food that is high quality and provides great nutrition, and that may also help to make his stool a little firmer. I'm considering EVO but not sure a grain-free is going to work for him (too rich maybe?) or Nature's Variety Prairie (a nice thing that I can rotate a little raw in as well).

I'd love any advice/insight, and any ideas as to what else I might check into for his tummy issues as well!

Mary and Cooper

I run into this so often when I take Cooper for a walk, I just need to get it out somewhere. We live near a park with ballfields, basketball court, and fenced in areas with jungle gyms/swings. Most days in Spring/Summer/Fall the place is pretty busy with ball games, kids playing, families lounging in the grass, etc.

We love to go there, my kids love it and my dog loves it. We walk around, sit in the grass to watch the games, kids go in and swing for a bit (I have to stay outside the fence with Coop as it is clearly marked NO DOGS in the playground), run around with friends, etc.

Nearly every time we go, we encounter small dogs (and their owners) who approach Coop, who is wagging, quiet, gentle, and happy to meet them all the way, then the owners laugh as the dog starts to growl, bark, and react very aggressively (scaring my kids too). This is usually accompanied by something like "Not too bright, Fifi, that dog would eat you in one bite!" or better yet "Oh, he thinks he's so big he could eat that big dog!"

OK. First of all, if my dog behaved even HALF as badly as these little dogs, people would be calling the police. Why don't these owners understand that aggression is NOT CUTE? Second, as to the one bite comment, my dog is too SWEET to EVER bite ANYONE or ANYTHING. Believe me, I've seen him take a few good licks from cats and smaller dogs and he always backs right down. He is a sweet, sweet tempered dog, and he is well TRAINED.

It's so frustrating! I know there are responsible owners of small dogs out there, that's not what I'm trying to rant on. :) Coop has a couple of Cockapoo, Pekingese and Maltese buddies (and boy do they look cute playing together!) whose owners all treat them like any other dog, correct poor behavior and praise good behavior and have great dogs as a result.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this?  ???


P.S. The big dog rant from CL is hilarious, and I hear "put a saddle on him" and "how much does he eat/weigh" just about every time we leave the house too...but since those comments don't terrorize my dog or my kids, I'm letting them slide. LOL.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Mastiff on Boston Craigslist
« on: July 23, 2009, 09:14:14 am »
The title says it all. Hope someone who knows the breed can help this dog out.


Newfoundland Discussions / Active dreams or something else?
« on: June 24, 2009, 09:25:36 am »
Hi all,

Cooper has been with us a month and has been totally great. Until this week, my daughter had the flu and husband was out of town so Cooper didn't get as much attention/long walks etc. as he's used to. He still got lots of petting, but a few romps in the backyard/day were all I could get for him since I could not leave a small child with 103 temp alone in the house for more than a few minutes at a time.

So, he chewed a shoe, started stealing stuff off the tables/counters, and peed in the living room. I'm attributing this stuff to bored/annoyed young dog behavior and am not terribly concerned.

My daughter was better yesterday and my husband home, so I took him out for a good long walk/playdate with doggie friends and to obedience class at night, in addition to romps in the yard.

Last night around midnight the whole house was awakened by howling/crying from downstairs. It was Cooper and he sounded really distressed. I FLEW downstairs and found him, standing, prancing, wagging his tail by the gate. I checked him all over and he seemed fine, nothing was amiss in the room. He immediately lay down at my feet in a ball.

I took him out to see if he needed to go, and he lay down in the yard (pretty typical for him, even when raining, lol). So I brought him back inside, grabbed my pillow and blanket, and slept on the couch. There was no more whining or crying.

He may have been asleep when he cried? He does have, uh, vivid dreams, with lots of paw movement, chewing, tail wagging and the occasional bark (lol).

I can't figure it out. He's not quite himself, but he is eating, sleeping, playing, pooping and peeing. The only things he has swiped from tables has been food and nothing bad for dogs (a couple of crackers, a lick of chicken soup, and a bit of vanilla ice cream). I just can't figure it out.

Just looking for suggestions or thoughts, I guess. I'm a worrier!

Thanks all,

I am interested in incorporating some tenets of the raw diet into my Newfie's diet. Starting slow, I've found a source of raw meaty marrow bones that I can get relatively inexpensively from a local butcher shop.

My question - if my dog chews on a raw bone for a few hours, or eats a plate of raw food that includes chicken or other raw meat/bones, and then kisses me or my kids - what's the risk of germs spreading from his drool (he IS a Newfie) to our faces, hands, etc.?

I understand that the risk to him is minimal, but I am concerned about health risks of transferring germs to humans, my small children in particular.

I'm sorry this question seems so silly, but I've asked several people who feed raw and the local "healthy" pet food store and none of them had ever considered this and weren't sure what the answer was.

Thanks for any advice!


Hi all,

We have had Cooper for almost 3 weeks and he is a complete joy. He's 2 years old and housetrained, sits on command, walks nicely on a leash and rides in the car. There may be a small light on when we talk about lie down / stay etc.;) We signed up for an adult beginner obedience class to get both him and me up to speed on these basics.

My problem is this - the training school wants either a flat collar and leash or a harness/leash. He is not a big Newfie (110 lbs approximately) but he does have a big chest and a lot of "ruff" down the front of his neck. So a flat 28" collar is big in the back (on top of the dog, if you will) but pulls on his ruff. He'll wear it but he does not look happy - picture the sad Newf face. (lol).

Right now we use a slip lead that the breeder gave us; it's about 4 ft long, or a 6ft lead made of climbing rope (it is a "real" leash, not homemade!) with a locking carabiner that we make into a slightly longer slip lead. He does not pull, he goes on a very loose lead and just needs a gentle tug, word or pat to be reminded to keep going, not sniff passersby by surprise, etc.

What do you all do for your Newfies for obedience classes? Suggestions on styles, brands, etc. greatly appreciated!


Hi all,

I am a new mama to a 2 year old Newfie named Cooper. We saw my vet for the first time yesterday and she recommended he have the Leptospirosis, Lyme and (?) Kennel Cough vaccines. I told her I wanted to research them a bit before consenting.

We live in MA and vacation in several parts of New England, coastal and woody. We hike in the woods and Cooper will likely swim in some ponds and lakes this summer as well as the ocean. (If he wants to, yesterday he was a little nervous about the sprinkler, lol!  ;D). He loves to play with other dogs.

I'm curious as to your opinions of these vax's and whether they're needed. I'm leaning toward doing the Lyme one, but am very much undecided on the other two. Have not found much convincing evidence online so far on either one.

Thanks so much for any advice!



Newfoundland Discussions / Update and more questions!
« on: May 31, 2009, 01:33:54 pm »
Hi all,

Thanks so much for the advice re: the cats. We are home, got in at midnight last night, and Cooper showed just friendly casual interest in the cats despite not having had dinner. :)

Tonight, different story, he just clearly showed a little more forward-friendly interest in one of the cats who had ventured in. I gently held him back and talked to him and let him and the cat look at each other, then let the cat escape while he watched. The cat was terrified but not hissing, and I didn't want to push him.

So here are my questions:
1- Cooper has had all of his OFA clearances as he is 2 and his breeder was considering using him to breed. Hips, elbows came back excellent. This AM we walked maybe 4 square blocks and then once around one block 2 more times later in the day. Otherwise we stayed inside or on the grass in the backyard. Still, he seems to be "toeing in" on his back feet, and I can't remember if he did this yesterday at the breeder's or not. Is it possible his feet are sore? They look OK to me and he will let me touch them. We see the vet tomorrow but I'd love thoughts from all of you BTDT Newfie parents.

2- Ohhh, the poop. Poor guy is new here, transitioning food (slowly, he's on 75% old food (Exceed), 25% new (Taste of the Wild)) and water (75% Spring, 25% town today) and tonight he had his first poop, which was soft and smelly - and I'm wondering if he's still got some stuck under his tail or to his behind as I can still smell it now over an hour later (and no, I'm not wearing the same clothes, lol). So, uh, do you all regularly clean your Newfie down there when they have a smelly poop, and what method/s do you recommend?

Sorry for the newbie questions. We just ADORE this dog - he is so friendly and perfect for our family. And I want to do my very best to give him the best possible care!

Attaching a few pics...hope this works!


Mary (using real name now that dog is home...and we have 2 cats, not 3. lol)

Hi everyone! I am thrilled to be here, after lurking for months. We are picking up a young adult Newfie this weekend, to join our family!!!!! We have kids and cats, and really lucked out that this dog has lived with both (family situation changed and they tearfully have to give him up).

So my question is about introducing the Newf to our cats - they are 14-15 years old (3 of them). Two are fairly calm, the other can be kind of feisty when she doesn't like something (she has always been this way, hisses at guests who come too close, tries to eat the vet, etc.).

I am planning to separate them with baby gates so they can see each other. We will supervise any "visits" to see how it goes. And the dog will be gated such that the cats have unfettered access to the basement for their food and litter.

Just wondering if anyone else has done this sort of introduction, and has any advice or pointers to share.

Thank you in advance and again, so happy to be here and looking forward to getting to know you all!


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