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Hi everyone-

When away on vacation, one of my female American Staffordshire Terriers came into heat. The lady watching our dogs, apparently, did a bad job of keeping them all apart. So, we ended up with puppies.  :-\ I did not intend on breeding but we kept them intact so they could compete in events such as conformation and weight pull.

Now, one of the puppies now appears to have some 'deformities'. At his 8wk checkup/shot, my vet noticed his tail has a kink at the base (it can't stand up but can wag side to side). My vet said not to worry, other than that he seems in good health. However, I still decided to not sell him with the rest of the puppies and to monitor his health. About a week and a half ago (just after his 12wk checkup/shot) I noticed his farthest outside toe on each front foot is smaller than the other toes. It seems both toes have just STOPPED growing and, as everyday passes, the difference between them and the other toes appears to be more noticeable. They seem basically useless at this point :( He seems to have slight trouble getting around as all his weight is on just the inside toes rather than being spread evenly throughout the feet. I feel so bad for this puppy and am keeping him permanently. He is such a sweet dog, I REALLY don't want anyone to suggest putting him down. :( At his 16wk checkup/shots (he's 14 wks now) I will talk to my vet about it. Until then, I am just left here worrying.

I have really grown attached to this pup, he is so mild mannered and loving...I just want to cry that he has these issues. I'm so scared his feet will become unbearably worse with time and there will be nothing I can do. I am willing to do everything in my power to help him. I have thought about buying him 'booties' for now but do you think that would help keep his paws more comfy?

I also almost wonder if he has some form of dwarfism? He was BY FAR the shortest, stockiest pup out of the litter and his front legs are slightly bowed while all the other pups are perfectly straight. He comes from healthy, well bred stock...I have NO IDEA where these issues came from. (None of the other puppies in the litter have any deformities.)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / 7 month old pup losing weight
« on: April 17, 2008, 10:58:35 am »
Hello Everyone, I'm in need of some advice. My 7 month old AmStaff puppy had lost 4 pounds in two weeks but, other than that, he acts normal.
I took him to the vet and (even though he is on a regular worming schedule) had a fecal exam and full panal blood test done. Due to it's high occurance in my area, I assumed he had Valley Fever. However, all the blood work came back without any abnormalities and in the fecal, no eggs were found. My vet says he seems normal aside from being a bit skinny.
I'm at a loss now as I believe a dog his age should be GAINING weight instead of LOSING it.  :-\ But, he does act happy and energetic as he is ever is. (He's a couch potato until you take him for a walk, then he runs wild!)
Should I worry? Is there any supplements I can give him or something? Both his parents are NOT skinny dogs and normally he is built like a tank.
So what would you guys say?

My Amstaff puppy got his ears cropped about 5 or so weeks ago. They stand straight and I thought they were done being taped. However, whenever he gets alert, his ears curl in towards eachother. (See pictures) Is there a specific way of taping that will fix this sort of problem? Or, since they are good when relaxed, is this the best I can ask for? Any help would be great!

It's a disturbing video. But, as dog lovers, I hope someone can come up with an idea on how to stop this? I know, tired of PETA videos. I'm not a big peta fan myself, however, I think these animals deserve our help...

Its very graphic and disturbing (especially the part with the GSD). As part of my vet class, all the students need to do some volunteer work. I would like to help bring this to my class's attention. However, I need to also come up with a way to help solve it. (I know we can't STOP it but we can hopefully save some lives...)

Sooo...Any help or ideas? Please?

Pit Bull Discussions & Pictures / GOT my New Baby Amstaff :) PICS!
« on: December 09, 2007, 09:01:33 pm »
Hello Everyone!

I am sooo excited about the purchase of my American Staffordshire Terrier puppy that I just have to share!

So, I've been wanting a pure bred Amstaff forever and FINALLY I will be getting one this month   ;D I've been waiting on this puppy since November and he should be shipped here around the 18th. He got his ears done last week (don't hate me, please!)so when they are standing, he will be sent off! I feel bad about the shipping... however, there are simply no quality Amstaff breeders here in Arizona. He is about 12 wks old now (cant remember exact date  :-\ )

I am going to show him (just for fun as his color -my favorite color- is frowned on by some judges) and maybe do weight pull (double register him with the UKC as APBT? What would you guys suggest?) I also would LOVE to have him be a therapy dog. I know I am getting ahead of myself...but, what groups would you reccomend me looking into for this? There's so much negativity surrounding pitbull type dogs that I would really like my boy to prove everyone wrong.

Oh, also his Registered name has to start with 'p'. His breeder is Fairlawn so it would have to be....
Fairlawn's P_________? Hopefully you guys will be able to come up with a better name than I can!

Attached are some photos of him and his family so you can get a look at my baby  ;D The first is of his father Ch Woodforests EZ Dragon Raider,the 2nd is of his mom Ch Fairlawns Arabella, all the rest are of him at 9 wks.

UPDATE: So, I have the little booger! He got shipped in a little over a week ago (last Friday) and is EVERYTHING I ever wanted!! His registration name is now 'Fairlawn's Point Blank' which doesn't leave much for a call name. Sooo, I've gotta think up one! Maybe a gun make or model to go along with 'point blank'?? If anyone has any ideas for a good Amstaff/Pitbull name PLEASE tell me! I've never had such trouble with names before! The photos are of him at 14 wks. The last is of him and Mack, my boyfriend's 17 wk old pup...they are being watchdogs! Thanks for reading!

Mixed Breed Pictures / What breeds would you guess are in her??
« on: August 10, 2007, 03:52:09 am »
Hey everyone! Today my boyfriend was working on a house when the homeowner told him he was taking a stray puppy to the pound. Of course my boyfriend, being the softy he is, insisted he would take the puppy home instead. The puppy has some cuts and scrapes (almost like roadburn) but, other than that, she is in good health. What breeds do you think are in her? In the second picture, you can see that her ears (or ear) are starting to stand. I would guess she is about 4-5 months old and probably 35 pounds. I was at first thinking Amstaff or American Bulldog was in her but the more I look at her, the more puzzled I become... Any guesses? Thanks!!

Great Dane Discussions / Ghost Great Dane
« on: July 25, 2006, 11:16:28 pm »
I don't mean to sound strange to you all but I really need to get this story off my chest. I just hope, as dog lovers, you will be open minded to the story I am about to tell you.

When I was in second grade,  my family’s rescued great dane appeared to me. I was sitting in class, when I saw my great dane leap through the classroom window, breaking the glass. She and the flying glass were blurry and transparent(I could see the perfectly unharmed window through them.) While she was leaping I heard her (in the weirdest way,through my head I guess...) say “I will die so treat me well” and she was gone...just like that. She didn't seem sad... and the light was bright around her which actually gave a rather joyful feeling. What she said was very simple...the message clear. By her jumping through the almost made me happy...becaus e she seemed in good health. (She usually had a limp that the vet said was 'old age'...she wouldn't normally be jumping anywhere.) When I got home, I ran straight away to my mom and asked if 'Baby' was alive (I expected her to already be dead) but my mom said she was fine. I told my mom what I saw but she didn’t believe me. She actually kind of laughed at what I said she said. A few weeks later, we found out she had bone cancer in her leg (the one the vet said was nothing) and it was incurable.  Like she had asked, we treated her as best as we possibly could before having her humanly put to sleep. I will always remember her and what she had said to me that day; even though I was young I understood the deeper meaning of it all. I can't say I'm a really spiritual person but I have no doubt that it was her spirit that came to me. I don't mean to make people think I am weird but my mom was the only person I ever told and she hardly listened so...I needed to share. Am I the only one with such an experience?

Great Dane Discussions / Free Great Dane to Good Home!
« on: July 14, 2006, 07:02:39 pm »
At my work, a female merle great dane was brought in as a stray. The owner was finally found and he picked her up, only to return her within a couple of days. So, she's been in the kennel for at least a month and REALLY needs to find a new home. She weighs 120 lbs (she is skinny right now...she needs some tlc) with natural ears. She isn't spayed and will be 2 years old in November.Turns out she's Tara's sister!  However, as much as I would like to, I can't have her. No one seems to have room for such a big dog! She is really smart and listens very well. I don't have any pictures of her but  Tara is her sister and they look very much alike so you can look at her for comparison. If you have anymore questions, please ask. We are located in Arizona.

Rottweiler Discussions / Poor Boy At Shelter...
« on: June 04, 2006, 08:02:03 pm »
I went to the shelter two days ago.There was the most handsome rottie there! He had the most beautiful, intelligent eyes! Awww...if only I could get one more! Can't believe I restrained myself... lol. Last time I went I got my dobie so I was going to update the staff with how he is doing. Gosh...that was a nice rottie though! I like toturing myself...  :-\ He is in AZ if anyone wants to see him! Hopefully he is adopted already!

Great Dane Discussions / She Tried To Bite them!
« on: June 04, 2006, 07:08:48 pm »
My mom went to a meeting about dog parks today so I waited outside the center with Tara. Many families came up and petted her just fine (with her giving them kisses and wagging her tail), even a teenage boy. Then, two teen boys came up, acting all funny. They kept asking if she'd bite them if they tried to pet her. Of course, I said no. She was laying next to me when one of them finally gathered up the courage to walk up and pet her. Just when they were about 2' away, she growled and lunged at him. I fortunatly caught her in midleap and yanked her back so she missed biting him by a hair! I figured she just had a bad feeling about him and stayed since she had never done that before. The next person to come up was one of my boyfriend's old friends (a teenager) and she growled and growled at him and kept trying to reach him with me pulling back. So, that was it. I was getting up to leave when a family came up and asked to pet her. Just as I said 'no, she's acting funny...' she started growling. Maybe she was just tired of being pet? Weird...she hasn't EVER done ANYTHING like this before! Maybe the first boy opened a really bad door in her mind? Geez...I don't know! She is usually such a big baby!

Just curious about who watches that show. I really like it! If you havn't seen it, you should check it out on National Geographic channel.

Weimaraner Discussions & Pictures / Miniature Weimaraner
« on: June 03, 2006, 06:39:18 pm »
Hi everyone! I have the most beautiful weimy (don't we all?) BUT she is TINY! She weighs 44lbs (22 1/2") at almost 2 years. I want to show her...just for fun. Not to brag but her 5 generation pedigree is 100% champions. BUT...she is small. Limit is 22" with a penalty  :( She was 22 1/2 with tape measurer...if I use a stick will she meaure taller? I was told she would.... She has perfect conformation and movement but she is small! I love her all the same...she just is so feminine. But, she got valley fever as a pup (has overcome it)...could that have stunted her growth? Anyone heard anything like that? Last time I saw her sis (6mnths ago aprox.)they looked identical (same size even) but that was before we knew she have the fever. Her sister has her championship now...but I haven't seen her latly to know if they are still the same size. I hope! All the same, I love my little girl! Just would be fun... So, anyone heard of valley feaver stunting growth? Thanks!

Saint Bernard General Discussions / Saint Bernard activity level?
« on: January 01, 2006, 04:42:21 pm »
I was wondering if any of you knew if a saint bernard could handle going on a horseback ride. I am looking for a dog that can follow me on a ride while I go back into the national forest across the road. But, I have never owned one so I wouldn't know what one could handle. They are big so they may not be able to? But, I've been told they could by some people also. What do you think?

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