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Medical Conditions & Diseases / Need help with pigment change
« on: October 20, 2008, 08:28:58 am »
Hiya  :)

I need some info if any one can help that would be fantastic ...

I have attached two pictures of my leo , one taken in may 2008 & the other august 2008 .

She was in a show the other day and the judge said he couldn't place her higher because of the pigment on her lips , which i took on board & thought fair enough .

It wasn't untill i looked at pictures that i noticed the difference , she has gone from having dark pigment on her mouth  to a light pink colour in a couple of months...

I noticed a while ago her mouth seemed to droop more than normal , but i know now its because of thr colouringit just stands out more.

My 1st question is ... does any one know what has caused this ?

My next question is what can i do or use to fix it ?

Any help or advice would be great .

Thanks so much.

**** Just wanted to add its not so much for showing reasons i'm asking about this , it's more im concerned that i'm doing something wrong... maybe her diet i dont know ****

Leonberger Pictures / updated pictures of Troy @ 10 weeks
« on: August 18, 2008, 10:38:01 am »
 :)Hi everyone .

Just thought i would post a few pictures ,we have been away on our hols last week and my mum came and stayed at our house for the week because Troy had not had all his vaccinations , he was due his 2nd one whilst we were away , so we could not take him with us  :(. At least that will be the 1st and last time we go away without him.

I know Leo's grow fast but wow , he looked so big compared to when i left him a week ago lol .

Had a fright this morning with the little fella , i was just playing with him & checking him out at the same time feeling for lumps & bumps and whatever & i found a lump which was big and i could move it about, i panicked lol and called the vets.......... .. any way she asked if he had been vaccinated within the last week ,i said my mum had brought him down a few days earlier & she put my mind at rest by saying it was probably a reaction to the jab and for me to just keep an eye on him, which i will do.
 I just never thought it could be  a reaction , i guess it was because i hadn't taken him myself so it just never occoured to me that it could be his injection.
 None of my other dogs have ever reacted to a jab , have any of yours ?

Enjoy the pics  :)

Leonberger Pictures / More baby Troy pictures
« on: July 29, 2008, 04:03:24 am »
 :) Well we have had Troy for a week now , and i am sure he has grown lol .

He is being a good boy on the whole but still has trouble staying asleep through the night ( it's like having a baby again  :o ), and he is being nippy with the other 2 dogs , he hangs on my poor goldens long fur . I must be saying no a thousand times a day lol.

He has tried to do the same with my leo girl , but then she tries to play with her huge paws and he runs away as fast as his legs will carry him ,just stopping a couple of times to bark at her lol, which is quite funny because she actually stops running after him. He is a fiesty little chap thats for certain  ;)

 ;D It's now official we collect our newest family member on tuesday  yipee !!!!!

Geez it seems to have taken ages to get to this point lol , but we collect our Leonberger boy in a few days.

I'm so excited & scared at the same time , just the thought of the constant watching over him while he is so small & puppy pee & chewing & worrying if my other dogs will accept him & making sure he grows up strong , healthy & happy lmao i could go on forever .

He is the sweetest little fella , all cute and fluffy lol , he seems to have a really calm nature , it took ages to decide which one we were going to bring home , they were all so alike , we narrowed it down to 3 & went back for a final visit & his little face sealed the deal when he was looking  straight at me with his pick me eyes lol.

So be ready for pic overload once we have him home and settled in  :0).

Say hello to Troy , he is really well behaved so far apart from at night he screams the place down when he has to go in his crate .. ( not getting much sleep lol )

He went for his 1st check at the vets today and the vet was really pleased with him  :) , so thats good. He weighed in at 18.5 lb ( he screamed him self stupid in the waiting room aswell lol ).

Both our other dogs have taken to him pretty well as you can see by the pics, but no way would i leave them all alone together.Ben our goldie just walks away when he has had enough , but Callie has tried to play with him a couple of times which is great but he is a little small at the minute , so she is a bit put out when she gets told no , bless her . I am sure it wont be long before she has a great play mate :0).

Just thought i would post that i am nervous as anything , we have our 1st ever show coming up on May 5th.

Basically had 7 ring craft classes ( not many i know ), but figured we would have a go anyway , just for the experience if nothing else.

Aswell as the above we are late starters our leonberger is 18 months old lol and also she is having her 1st major blow out with her coat ( she is now a skinnyberger ) lol at least things can only get better and better at the next show  ;).

On a good note its my husband taking her round the ring and not me  ;D

 :D Wow the sun shone today lol , dont get that very often here, so thought i better get the camera out and take a few pics.

Hi i couldnt post before , but i feel i can now.

Amber aka Amby was our liver spot dalmatian, we collected her aged 16 weeks and fell in love instantly. she seamed to bring luck with her.Amber was the most wonderfull dog, loving , loyal, gentle & she soon became our best friend.

We decided on a dog as an addition to just myself and my hubby, we had been trying to start a family for a couple of years which resulted in several misscarriages. So we gave up on starting a family and consentrated all our love onto amby, but like i said she was my lucky charm.A short time after having amber we moved  from rented property and bought our own home which was great , but even better than that i was 8 weeks pregnant and in November 1994 our son was born.Amber was a little over a year old.

Amby was brill she loved our son and would watch over him and bark when his nappy was full, best of all she loved nothing more than him climbing onto her and falling asleep.She was also my shoulder to lean on , you know how it is tired new mum , stressed out lol ready to commit murder, well she would listen to my rants and she just seemed to understand how i felt and was just allways there when i needed her.

The thing she loved the most other than just being with us was our annual trips the the seaside , she loved the beach so much and would run like a nutter and go snorkel in the rock pools and pull out huge stones, she was a pleasure to watch she loved it. I could go on forever telling you about how great she was and how much we love her and miss her.

When amby was 12 another 2 dogs ben and callie joined our family and they brought amby new youth, all three loved to snuggle up together on the settee.

In all the time we had Amber never did she chew or destroy, or mess .She only ever had vet trips to cut her nails she was a strong healthy dog. She did hate the vets and we would have to drag her through the door to get her in and then she would just bark.

So Amber never did get to go on her seaside trip last year, she was getting old and doggery but still totally fine. Then quite quickly her back legs seemed to get weak and couldnt always hold the weight of her body & several times when she stood she would wee without knowing, which become more over the next week or so, she was still herself and in no pain but we knew it was not good.

She could have came on holiday with us but in our hearts we knew it was not fair , she couldnt walk great and was sleeping alot but still made the effort to come for loves, one thing that never changed was her tail she wagged it all the time.

On July 24th 2007 a week before our holiday we took our baby girl to the park near the vets ands had our last walk together, my heart was in pieces but i stayed strong as i wanted her to feel safe, we walked over the road to the vets and my baby girl knew it was time, she walked straight into the  vets & calmly sat down , she had never entered the vets before without a struggle.

I guess i feel guilty for not giving her that last seaside trip, but we wanted her keep her quality of  life and   dignity & not to be in pain .I knew Amber so well and it was her time, she would have held onto life as long as possible just to be with us and that was not fair for her, she was old and tired and we owed it to her for all the love and joy she had given us over the last 14 years to let her go .

We sat down on the floor with Amby hugging her , stroking her face & talking to her , it took seconds before our baby girl was sleeping peacefully.

The vet told us it was so quick she was more than ready to go and we did the right thing , but i wanted her back so much, the only good thing about that day was myself and my husband were the ones who suffered and not Amber, it would have been so much easier to keep her with us that day and just go home but then our girl would have suffered.

Amber thankyou for our 14 years , you were a  true friend and a huge part of my life and i still love and miss you and will do so forever. hope you understand why we did what we did. xxxxx

I am sure i will feel like this again and again for as long as i own dogs, but i would not change a thing, as upset as i am posting this i am also very happy that i was lucky enough to have Amby and also the dogs we still have now, and i wouldn't change a thing.

thanks for letting me post , sorry its so long and sorry about the spelling.

Leonberger Pictures / LOL More callie pics taken today
« on: March 04, 2008, 01:55:19 pm »
 :D I was camera happy today so here's a couple more pics of our girl.

Hi every one.

Time is going so fast Callie is 18 months old the end of this month, so thought i would post a few pics.

She is now 29.5 inch to her shoulder and weighs 51.2 kg.

It's so much fun having her with us & we love her so much , but i think it would be hard not to fall head over heels with any leonberger they are such a great dog to have.

The other pic is ben our rescue dog , we have had him 2 years now , he was flown from ireland to england after his owners moved house and just left him and his brother to fend for them selves  :-[ , i will never understand how people can do that.

Oh and come summertime we should have our 2nd leo girl  ;), if all goes well.

LOL the puppy pic was put in by accident sorry.

Leonberger Pictures / Update on Callie
« on: January 08, 2008, 02:18:56 pm »
 :) Hi everyone
 HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

I have not been on here in a while , so thought i would post a couple of callie pics lol , she is doing well & totally crazy lol.

She is 15 months old now & is about 8 stone, all her upward growing is finished , just got to fill out now :0).

Leonberger Pictures / Callie's 1st day at the water
« on: April 08, 2007, 07:30:23 am »
 :) hi everyone

Just a quick update on callie , she is now 6.5 months old and 6 stone and doing great.

We took her out today to see how she was with water, well i think a little practise is needed .

We now know where the meaning doggy paddle comes from lol she was terrible splashing about like a lunatic.

Anyway here are a few pics of callie & our goldie ben.

Leonberger Discussions / quick question
« on: March 21, 2007, 09:28:37 am »

Hi i have a question if anyone can help

We have just been training with callie our leo who is 6 months old now , and the trainer said she is small really for a leo and that she will not get any taller now she has reached 6 months old, which does not bother me at all apart from she has lots of excess skin to grow into.

My question is  simply at what age do leo's reach thier height , as i thought they could carry on getting taller up untill they were 12 months old. I may be wrong but i thought at some point i read this on the internet when researching leos.

thanks alot tracey.

here you are i added some pics of callie now aged 6 months. Her weight is 78lb at just over 6 months.

Leonberger Pictures / New pics of my leo pup
« on: January 17, 2007, 09:54:43 am »
 :)  Hiya every one .

I thought it was about time i posted some new pictures of callie our leonberger , she is now 16 weeks old and is growing like a weed  :0).She weighs roughly 3stone 5lb now.

She is lovely , cute , cuddly and naughty haha its like having a child all over again  :o .

I have a question does any of your leo's lie with thier back legs totally stretched out ? , also when she wakes up it seems as if she has cramp in her back leg or legs is this a usual thing for leo's , once she  is up she is fine and runs about like a mad thing.

Medical Conditions & Diseases / our 10 week leo is not well
« on: December 11, 2006, 10:24:56 pm »
 Hi i'm just looking for someone to ease my mind please .

I posted some pics of callie our 10 week old leonberger , well on sunday night she had the runs , only once but alot for a pup , and again the runs on monday , she has not been sick and had been playing and pinching tinsel from the tree as usual.

Late monday afternoon she went again and this time she had blood in it , so i called my dad to take me to the vet ( hubby was at work). The vet checked her temp, belly etc and all was well , so she gave me some tinned food ( easy on callie's tummy ) and some pro biotic 2ml 3 times a day.

I know i am going on but she is only a baby and i'm so worried about her .

Today is tuesday and she has the runs still. In total so far she has had 6ml of the pro biotic , but today she does not seem so bouncy and is not really interested in her food, if she is no better tomorrow i will take her again and the vet will give her antibiotics.

have any of you had this problem ? , do you think i am worrying for no reason , ( i hope i am ).

She has only been in our back garden as she still has one jab left before she goes out in the big world. Neither of my other dogs are showing signs of being ill .

I just want her to be back to normal being a pain and peeing and chewing everything .

Any thoughts will be great thankyou

Leonberger Pictures / Baby leo pics
« on: December 04, 2006, 03:39:24 am »
 :) Hi everyone.

I have just looked at a post i made when i got my leo puppy a few weeks ago and people have asked for more pics so here are a few , we have taken lots as she is growing so fast.

Calypso aka ( Callie ) is the sweetest monster ever  :D, she drives our other two dogs mad , and has us running around constantly ,she is gaining weight at around 4lb a week if we average it out , does that sound right ?.

She is not fat but she is very heavy , but both her parents are large dogs , her dad is champ will scarlet & allthough i have not seen him in the flesh i have viewed his pic on the net & he looks quite stocky ,so maybe she is just going to be a chunky girl .

P.S she tried to eat my kitchen wall , as you can see by the dust on her nose , we just had to take a pic , its hard to tell her off when she looks so funny.

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