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hi everyone!  i just found this website last night while i was playing on the internet.  i thought it would be nice to talk to some fellow animal lovers every so often.
to tell you a little about me:
my name is Danielle.  im from kansas and am currently owned by three dogs...fergie(my eng bullie), ally(the golden), and diamond (my pitbull).  i also regularly rescue and currently have four pitbulls and one black mutt.  as you might be able to tell, i really like the bully breeds, but love all dogs.  i think i am partial to them because of the bad reputation they INCORRECTLY have.  just seeing if there was anyone else out there with the same interests, maybe we could all share stories. 
also... i can't get my profile picture to work.  if anyone has any hints i would appreciate them
thanks ;D

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