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Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Re: Anyone Own a Rare Breed Mastiff ?
« on: April 21, 2005, 05:20:00 am »
This is a great looking Cane Corso!! I love his build & head.
Cane Corso's were my first Mastiff I ever owned. I love them.
Best of luck with him


Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Re: Anyone Own a Rare Breed Mastiff ?
« on: April 21, 2005, 05:15:36 am »
I Love the names you gave to your dogs. How great you rescued them all. They certainly look loved & happy now. As for the mange problem, please be aware that mange breaks down the immune system in dogs as they get older & causes severe health problems, as they age. Try using NUPRO POWDER on food, & keep givng them the perscription baths they need. It always seems to stay in any dogs system for life & it affects their immune system. Best of luck

Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Re: Dogo Argentino
« on: April 21, 2005, 05:11:04 am »
Hi Greetz,
I do not own a Dogo, but have trained them & they are wonderful dogs!! Very impressive looking.

Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Re: Anyone Own a Rare Breed Mastiff ?
« on: April 21, 2005, 05:09:29 am »
Hi Amanada
Great dogs, aren't they?
I do not keep track of the Fila competitions anymore. I retired from the show ring & handling about 3 years ago. Just do not have the time to travel.
If you go, it is really cool to see other Fila's. So many wide opinions of how their temperaments should or should not be. Always a Hot Topic of conversation among the Fila show people. ha ha
I do know the judges have changed their views on having them being "a hands on" dog in the show ring now. Where a few years ago, they were on of only two breeds worldwide that were "HANDS OFF" even by judges. Only their handlers could touch & show them to the judges. So looks like the show world is leaning towards making them a bit softer in attitude. LOL Again, this causes allot of debate among some serious show owners. But have fun there.

Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Re: Rare Breed types & who owns them
« on: April 21, 2005, 05:01:23 am »
The Fila Brasilerio is aggressive towards strangers & other dogs not known to them in their family. Definately not a dog for the "socially active " dog owner. Some of them though, do have "softer temperaments."
I am not aware of the Spanish Mastiff temperamnet though. Perhaps someone else here can help on that one.

Old English Mastiff Discussions / Re: Rescue Mastiffs
« on: April 19, 2005, 01:55:57 pm »
Hi Beth
 I am so sorry for your loss of your pet. My friend has found a home for his mastiff. Thanks anyway.
You may want to try www.mastiffres
they are nationwide & are swamped with Mastiffs that need good homes.
Good luck

I have contacted NJ person from Mastiff Rescue. THANK YOU for the site.
They are great


Old English Mastiff Discussions / Re: Rescue Mastiffs
« on: March 31, 2005, 06:00:41 am »
Do you happen to know of a Mastiff rescue on the east coast? I am located in NJ & know someone who is looking to place a OEM, 5 yrs old due to divorce.
Cannot find one in our area.
Would appreciate any info.
Thank You

Fila Brasileiro are a Brazilian Mastiff. They are the national dog of Brazil. They are "personal protection" dogs. Strong dislike to strangers, excellent with family. Not a breed for people who enjoy compnay at their home! ha ha
They are a Rare Breed & are seen in ARBA (American Rare Breed Association) show rings.  to see all rare breeds.


Old English Mastiff Discussions / Old English Mastiff in NJ needs Home
« on: March 30, 2005, 08:12:49 pm »

A friend of mine is getting a divorce & has to place his Old English Mastiff very soon.
He is devasted but unable to find a place to rent that allows dogs, let alone a large one.
He is located in Southern New Jersey area. It is a female, fawn, 5 years old, up to date with shots, not spayed, 155lbs. she is not good with small dogs or cats.
She has been raised with kids & is great with them. If anyone is interested in placing her, please notify me & I will email you his name & phone # to speak directly to the owner. She is a nice girl.

Hi Brenda
I also own a Fila!! She is 7 years old now, brindle. I love her.
She is quite the coach potatoe now, but was fiesty in her day.
welcome, there is a Rare breed mastiff board here also.


Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Rare Breed types & who owns them
« on: March 30, 2005, 08:04:55 pm »
Even though I own A Fila Brasileiro Mastiff now, I do like the "Dogue de Bordeux" (French Mastiff) & The "Dogo Argentino" Mastiff. "Cane Corso Mastiffs" are also a great looking dog.
Just love those big old heads!
Does anyone own a "Presa Canario?"
They are very uncommon & extremely
aggressive when full grown. I have not seen many, but the ones I have seen at shows are really quite impressive looking.Howeve r they got allot of bad press a couple of years ago with that fatal attack in San Francisco with the two lawyers that owned them & they killed their neighbor. The owners of the dogs were sent to jail.
It made all the national news at the time. After that incident, not may Presa Canario breeders were very visable for awhile.
Shame, because they are beauties.

Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Re: Anyone Own a Rare Breed Mastiff ?
« on: March 30, 2005, 07:55:29 pm »
Hi Matthew
I have never heard of an American Mastiff. I do know the Anatolian Shepherds though. Is this breed a new Rare breed or just a breed that is new & trying to be introduced into ARBA or UKC ?
What is your dog's temperament like?? That of the OEM or the Anatolian Shepherd? Interesting mix of breeds.

Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Re: Anyone Own a Rare Breed Mastiff ?
« on: March 30, 2005, 01:38:51 pm »
Hi Erin
Nice dog you have. Yes, very few Fila owners are out there. The breeed is definately NOT for everyone. I do not know how much you know about them as a breed. But They are not suppossed to accept strangers at all. Once they reach their temperament (which varies with each indiviual dog), it is called ,"OJERICA", which means "wary of strangers." The police in Brazil take these dogs on patrol with them, as bodyguards. "FILA" means to "HOLD." I have seen some who accept No one else but their owners to even touch them. And some who have a softer temperament, & will allow some strangers to approach them. They are also only one of two breeds in the world of dog shows, that is a "hands off" to judges. They do not approach them or touch them in the show ring.My dog does not allow strangers in my home at all. Not a doggie for the "social butterfly type of owner." Great to meet you!! My girl is brindle.
Thanks for the reply!!

Rare Breed Mastiff Discussions / Anyone Own a Rare Breed Mastiff ?
« on: March 24, 2005, 05:44:14 am »
I love al the mastiff breeds. Does anyone own a rare breed Mastiff??
English Mastiffs are AKC, as are Bullmastiffs too.
There are so many Mastiff breeds, I was amazed when I learned about them all.
I own a Brazilian Mastiff, called a "Fila Brasileiro."
The national dog of Brazil.
Definately a liability to own one of these breeds. "Ultimate personal protection dog." No strangers can enter my home. That is their temperament. But I love her anyway & she has always made me feel safe & sound.And I love all 180lbs of her!!!
I am new to group. Own a dog Training business in NJ area for last 9 years, as full time business. Rettired from showing dogs in AKC & rare breed shows in 2000. Of course, they were Mastiffs!!!!!
Happy Easter to all!


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