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We're going away for the weekend and boarding zoey at a doggiedaycare/boarding facility. She has been there for daycare before so I trust them and everything, but I'm still nervous about it  since she's never been boarded before :-[

I just finished packing her 'overnight bag' with all her meals, supplements, treats, a few toys for her crate, and a cushion for the crate. We're not dropping her off until tommorow, and it's only for three nights, but I'm still nervous and sad about leaving her alone (even though she'll have a ton of other dogs to play with during the day).

I worry too much, huh?

Introduce Yourself to the Forum / The new paw prints Sasha and Brutus
« on: September 27, 2005, 05:56:57 am »
Sasha and Brutus are so gorgeous! Please say hello :)

Treatment & Preventative Meds / Question about Cosequin
« on: September 21, 2005, 03:30:38 pm »
Zoey has been on K9 Liquid Health Glucosamine/msm/chondroitin for almost a year and I have decided to switch her to cosequin instead. The bottle arrived today and it says to give 4 pills a day for the first month and 2 pills a day for maintenance after that. Here's my question: Since she has already been on joint meds, do I have to do do the double dosage at first, or is that just for when you are new to joint meds?

Anything Non-Dog Related / New Harry Potter Trailer
« on: September 15, 2005, 02:12:25 pm »
I know alot of BPOers love Harry Potter, so I thought I'd let everyone know that aol has a new HP trailer up :) I just watched it and it's great - with totally different scenes than I had seen before!

Anything Non-Dog Related / Anyone heard from jjfritsche?
« on: September 05, 2005, 05:24:41 pm »
Anyone heard from Jeanne (jjfritsche) lately?

I know that she has been doing animal rescue  in lousiana and she hasn't posted for 2 days now. I am nervous for her since she has been going into bad areas. I hope she is okay.

Helpful Groups & Dogs in Need / Article About Katrina Animal Rescue
« on: September 03, 2005, 06:16:47 pm »
This is the first article I have seen about Katrina that is solely about animals. I thought BPO might want to see it. Please post with other articles if you find any about animals.

Animal welfare groups rescue abandoned pets
By Anita Manning, USA TODAY

Animal welfare groups, which have been barred from entering most flood-affected areas of the Gulf Coast because of safety concerns, have finally reached parts of southern Mississippi and Louisiana to set up shelters and move hundreds of imperiled dogs and cats to safety.
Rescue teams from the Humane Society of the U.S. on Friday moved 120 dogs and cats from Gulfport to a staging area in Jackson, HSUS president Wayne Pacelle said Saturday. Another 500 are being moved from St. Tammany Parish, just north of New Orleans, he said. "The needs are enormous," he said.

While Hurricane Katrina's impact on people remains a "national and international trauma," Pacelle said, "the animal situation is another massive saga that's still unfolding."

About 200 animals drowned after the Humane Society of South Mississippi's shelter in Gulfport was destroyed in the hurricane, he said. In Harrison County, rescuers found one woman who took refuge in an evacuated structure with seven dogs and eight cats afer her own house was destroyed, Pacelle said. "There's a dead man on the roof," he said.

Best Friends Animal Society, working with Jefferson Parish Animal Control, picked up more than 100 dogs and cats found wandering the New Orleans streets on Friday and moved them to a shelter in nearby Tylertown, Miss., said Best Friends director Michael Mountain.

A team of animal experts from Best Friends, which operates a huge animal sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, (www.bestfriend was arriving Saturday at the St. Francis Animal Sanctuary in Tylertown with food, generators, fencing, satellite phones and fuel, he said.

St. Francis is sheltering about 600 animals, Mountain said. "They cannot accept any more until our team arrives from here with supplies of all kinds to build out the sanctuary."

From there, animals will be reunited with their owners, place in foster homes or be put up for adoption.

The Louisiana SPCA was to begin going house-to-house today in New Orleans to rescue animals stranded when their owners evacuated the city before the hurricane, and other groups also are hoping to start moving into the city, as security concerns diminish.

Animal rescue groups have gotten calls from pet owners desperate for someone to rescue animals they'd left behind. "People are frantically calling and telling us their cat is on the third floor of an apartment in New Orleans, or their horses were left in a pasture," Pacelle said.

In many cases, owners evacuated, but left animals inside homes or garages with food and water because they expected to return in a day or so. "Who would have thought they won't be able to pump water out for 90 days? Who would have thought New Orleans would be depopulated?" Pacelle said.

Animal lovers across the country have poured out support, offering everything from dog toys to cat food and volunteering to help in the rescue or to provide foster care for displaced pets. They've donated $3.5 million online at, far more than has been given in any previous disaster, Pacelle said.

Funds are needed not only for immediate rescues, but also long-term rebuilding and support of shelters throughout the region.

HSUS does not own or operate shelters, but focuses on education and advocacy. It also has been active in disaster relief for a decade, Pacelle said, and has dozens of trained staff members along with hundreds of trained volunteers in the flood region already or prepared to go there.

Other animal groups are also helping:

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,, is helping local animal groups in Austin, Texas, which are housing pets of flood evacuees who are in a Red Cross shelter. It is sending teams of veterinarians and technicians to Jackson, along with a mobile vet clinic.

The Houston SPCA, www.spcahousto, is housing more than 600 animals evacuated from flood areas.

The American Humane Association, www.americanhu, has received 2,000 requests for animal rescues from the flood-ravaged region and has sent its Animal Emergency Services rescue rig to join other responders in Mississippi.

The organizations say donations of money and supplies are needed, as are volunteers to help in disaster relief, to provide transportation for animals and to offer temporary or permanent homes for animals.

Medical Conditions & Diseases / I'm really worried about Zoey's hips =(
« on: September 03, 2005, 05:38:17 pm »
I am really worried about Zoey. We have known for awhile that her hips aren't great - she was 'bunny hopping' one day as a puppy so we took her to the vet and had her hips checked. The vet told us that her hips weren't terrible but certainly not good either. We have been following all of the vet's directions to try and protect zoey's hips and the vet said that there was a chance zoey wouldn't even show much sign of pain even though her xrays were bad. She also said that zoey's hips were urting her more because of a growth spurt and sure enough the bunnyhop dissapeared shortly after... until today. We took zoey to the dog park today and eventhough it turned out to be empty we decided to stay so she could run around in the fenced in park. Well, she had no interest in running around and when she finally did, there it was, the dreaded bunny hop. Also, the other day she wanted to get on the bed with me so I helped her up, and then when she wanted to get down, she couldn't - she went over to the edge and looked and whimpered and was too scared to jump down so she ended up spending the whole night on the bed even though there wasn't really room. She has also fallen in the house more often lately (it's every couple days now but now we have started babygating and not letting her run in the house to try and protect her). The past two times I have seen her fall she yelped in pain. I also feel like she is taking longer to stand up.

Overall she is very happy and healthy other than her hips, but I am really really worried about her now. It's to the point where every single day I worry about her hips. She's only 15 months old. It's not fair! We thought we got her from a reputable breeder but we have since learned that it was more like a puppy mill. We can't afford hip surgery. I can't even bare to think about what could happen if her hips get worse. I love her SO much and I am worried sick  :'(

At our current house we have all hardwood floors and I hate them because Zoey keeps slipping on them. I have put area rugs where I can, and I try and to keep her nails short and the fur under her paws trimmed, but occasional slipping seems to be inevitable.

Today when I came home zoey was so excited to see me that she ran around the room and made herself fall. But it wasn't just an easy fall - it took her a full minute to get up and in that minute she just looked at me and whimpered. There wasn't anything I could really do though, and I felt so helpless I wanted to cry  :'( When things like this happen it makes me feel like my next puppy will have to be smaller because I don't think I can handle the stress and heartache of hip dysplacia again.

Is there anything I should be doing to help her when she falls? Is there anything else I can do to prevent it? 

I have been out of town for a week and Dan called me today to tell me that Zoey has refused to eat for the past 24 hours. This concerns me alot because she has never been reluctant to eat - even when she has been sick in the past she has still wanted to eat what we give her. The last time I can remember her poassing on a meal was when she was a teething baby and had a hard time chewing.

Here is my question: what are the possible causes of her not wanting to eat? Obviously an upset tummy is one (Dan did admit he let her have a peice of pizza  >:( ) but he says she is drinking and pooping normally, and I think she would have diahrea if that was the problem. Heat is another, but she sits in the air conditioning pretty much all day. Inactivity might reduce her appetite, but Dan has been taking her out on walks like usual.  The only other thing I can think of is that she might be depressed because I have been gone for so long she probably thinks I'm dead. Am I missing anything?

I am worried about her and I won't be home until thursday to take care of her myself. I told Dan to give her a pepto incase it is an upset tummy and if she still won't eat at dinner I am going to tell him to cook up some hamburger (she has never turned down hot meat so I will be really worried if she refuses even that). Any other suggestions for what I should tell him to do?

Anything Non-Dog Related / I'm going out of town
« on: August 14, 2005, 07:45:18 pm »
On Tuesday I'm leaving town for a week and a half, and I'm nervous about leaving Zoey for so long.

Dan and I went away for two nights this weekend (first time we have both been gone overnight since we got zoey). We had someone taking care of her, and she was fine, and so happy to see us (and the treats and pawtracks toy we brought her back), but I was still sad she didn't get to come. And now I have to turn around and leave again. On Tuesday I am leaving for a week and a half to go see my family and Zoey and her puppy-daddy are staying here. I am going to miss them.  :-\

I'm probably going to be checking in on BPO for the first few days while I'm at my mom's house, but not so much while I'm at the beach...

Let me preface this by saying my #1 fear is snakes. I HATE them. If I see a garden snake, I run screaming....

So a few times now, when we have gone in our back yard Zoey has freaked out - growling, barking, running back up to the front of the house. I never knew what was scaring her, but I assumed it was an animal and hoped it was a harmless furry one. Now I think I know what it is and I an FREAKING OUT.

So earlier Dan called me out to the yard to show me something. A neighbors cat had wandered into the backyard (I didn't know it was the neighbors cat at the time though). I wanted to go check the cat to see if it was lost/hungry/etc and Dan tells me I can't because there is a rattlesnake back there. I thought he was joking, but he pointed out the intermitent shaker noise that we were hearing. I have heard this noise a bunch of times before at random times, but I thought the neighbors just had a weird sounding sprinkler system. As soon as the cat left our yard, the noise stopped. And I just googled rattlesnake noises and it is the exact same noise.

Our yard is like an acre of grass, but has big bushes on the back and sides because we just bought the house a few months ago and haven't gotten around to taming them. There is also an old fire pit that we need to tear down. Now I am afraid that a rattlesnake may live in one of them. EEK!

I live in New England. Is it possible for rattlesnakes to live around here? How do I get rid of it? What do I do? Help me - I am so freaking scared of snakes, especially poisonous ones that could kill me or zoey.  :-[


Who poisoned poor Olly? Fiend scattered deadly dog food in Eastie park
By Michele McPhee

Thursday, July 28, 2005 - Updated: 01:31 AM EST

Police are hunting a pet-hating coward who mixed a toxic snack of rodent killer and meat and stashed cups filled with the lethal chow around an East Boston park frequented by dog walkers - poisoning a chocolate Labrador retriever puppy.
     Luckily for Caroline Mabon, 24, her 11-month-old pooch, Olly, lived after eating the sadistic mix, but it remains unclear if the puppy will have lifelong side effects from ingesting rat poison.
     ``I'm dumbfounded that someone would do this. Who would want to kill someone's dog? And what if one of the kids in the area picked up the cup?'' Mabon said yesterday at Brigham Park, a picturesque enclave in Jeffries Point that abuts million-dollar homes and sports a panoramic view of the waterfront and Boston skyline.

     Mabon said the poison was stuffed in Walt Disney Dixie Cups and secreted in bushes near the park's benches. Olly found one of the cups Tuesday afternoon, after Mabon let the puppy off her leash for a romp.
     The horrified owner found her pup minutes later eating a ``bright green substance'' mixed with dog food. Mabon called the city's animal control unit and then rushed her puppy to a vet - who confirmed that the substance was rat poison.
     ``It appears it was placed there for a dog. It was mixed with dog food and some kind of meat,'' said Pat Conroy, the supervisor for the Boston Animal Control Unit, who picked up three cups full of the poison from Mabon yesterday. ``We went out there first thing this morning to make sure whoever did this did not do it again.''
     Yesterday, Lt. Alan B. Borgal of the Animal Rescue League said the agency is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to the culprit's arrest. Cruelty to animals is now a felony in Massachusetts.
     ``We're very concerned. Usually, poisoning incidents are neighbor vs. neighbor,'' Borgal said. ``I cannot remember an incident where a public park was deliberately targeted for pet poisoning.''
     Last night, Mabon brought Olly, who remains medicated and underwent a battery of blood tests, back to the park to warn other dog walkers about the lurking danger. 

The park is nicknamed ``Golden Stairs'' by the area's residents because the tucked-away preserve seems heavenly, hidden by tall wildflowers, with a constant sea breeze. The park is tidy and was free of any dog feces yesterday.
     ``The people who walk their dogs here are very responsible. Everyone picks up after their dogs,'' said Mike Cicalese, 50, who lets his mutt, Duke, play with a hulking French mastiff, Reggio, most mornings and evenings. ``A lot of elderly people around here have pets that are their only companions. There are a lot of kids around here. It's a very spiteful act.
     ``There are drug dealers that congregate in this park,'' he added. ``No one is trying to poison them.''
     Animal Rescue League officers plan to patrol the park today and leaflet the neighborhood offering the reward, Borgal said.
     In the meantime, the dog walkers themselves have formed a crime watch of sorts to protect their pets. Mabon also filed a police report with Boston cops at District A-7.
     ``Whoever did this could have killed Olly,'' Mabon said. ``I hope they catch the person.''

Medical Conditions & Diseases / What is on my dog's fur?
« on: July 25, 2005, 08:03:44 pm »
Yesterday after I was petting Zoey's back for awhile(more than a few minutes) I looked at my hand and it was a different color. There was a very thin film of greyish-white on my hand that rubbed off easily. When I rubbed her back for awhile today it was there again.

What could it be? She hasn't been rolling around in the dirt and I know that our wood floors are clean so she couldn't have gotten anything from them either. I started giving her an omega-3 suppliment called sea pet a few weeks ago - could it be that she has too much oil because of that (it doesn't really feel oily though). Her skin is nice and clear and a  so I don't think it is dandruff.

Anyone ever experienced something like this? It is so wierd.

You know how in the movies you see old guys in the country who say things like 'there's a storm a brewin', I can feel it in my bones'. I always thought that was a joke. But ever since I tore my knee cartilage a few years ago and had surgery, I actually can feel changes in the weather in my knee. My doctor told me it was because of changes in barometric pressure.

So anyways, I was just sitting here thinking about how my knee is killing me because of the storm in town today. And then I was thinking 'do zoey's joints hurt too?'. Like a lot of big dogs she has bad hips, and I am wondering if the weather is making her hips hurt the way my knee hurts (I hope it doesn't).

Does anyone here know enough about animal anatomy to tell me if her cartilage would act the same as a humans? Has anyone noticed a change in the amount of joint pain their pet displays in certain weather?

These are the things I think about. I am such a worry wart.

One of the other websites I frequent is Worth1000, which is a photoshop contest site (the peopel there are so talented it's astounding). Anyways, I was just looking through the gallery of past contests for something and when I stumbled on the past 'If dogs ruled the world' contest page. I thought some of you guys here at BPO might appreciate it - it's all about doggies and hillarious!

Link to the 'If Dogs Ruled' Contest Galleries

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