Author Topic: How Magic found his niche in Thearpy Work  (Read 3059 times)

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How Magic found his niche in Thearpy Work
« on: July 11, 2006, 06:40:14 pm »
I wrote this story about Magic and how we found our calling in Therapy work I hope you enjoy/
"Sam and Magic'
by Tricia Larrabee
I dedicate this story to a brave young lady by the name of Samantha.
If not for the connection you made with Magic on that Christmas week 4 years ago Magic would not have found his calling.
Let me begin by saying in all my experience with dogs Magic has taught me more about the human/animal connection than I ever thought possible.
I,being a mere human grossly underestimated Magic and what his niche or calling in the Therapy Dog world would be.
I wanted to,even planned to visit hospitals,pediatrics especially.But I discovered when Magic was only 1 1/2 yrs. old and not even officially a Therapy Dog yet that he could "alert" on medical conditions.It wasn't until a relative visiting that had recently been diagnosed with diabetes that I had proof. When he alerted on her I asked her to ck her blood levels-- Magic was never wrong.--
In that discovery, while I was glad I had been correct in my observations of him,it also made me very sad.
I had to think of us as a team now and what was best for him. How could I take him to a hospital where with each room we visit,someone would have something wrong with them.
In my human limited way of thinking "it wouldn't be fair to him"
We were a team now, and his Love of "kids" was something that couldn't be denied. We did visit several elder day care centers and while they enjoyed his visits and he was a gentleman about it,his heart wasn't in it. We found our niche in Education programs,and presentations of safety and pet responsibility (that we continue today), as well as finding a teen boys correctional facility to visit once a month.
It wasn't until several phone calls occurred that I found out just how wrong I could be.
The 1st call was from a dear friend,Kathryn who Magic and I had helped prepare for Therapy Dog Testing and both Kathryn and Kayln succeeded,and found their calling at the VA Hospital,bringing joy and smiles to all they met.She had very sad news; Kayln had cancer and had passed on. For such a young promising Therapy Dog it was devastating news.
The 2nt call a few months later was again from Kathryn,and she had a request?It was Christmas week and a family she and Kayln had met, had a young 7yr.old daughter who was in the hospital preparing for a bone marrow transplant and was missing her dogs at home.Since Kathryn/Kayln were no longer available she wanted to know if I could take Magic to visit her?
It was Christmas week-- I thought "one visit" Magic could handle that. How could I refuse????
I contacted the appropriate people at the hospital and was given instructions not to visit with anyone before we saw Sam,due to her resistance being low.
I bathed and groomed Magic and when we arrived at the hospital I realized immediately how difficult it was going to be just to get to her room without people getting all over him. We politely explained we couldn't visit until later, and finally made it to Sam's room.
Sam was on her bed and the only patient in the room.She was very happy to see Magic and it was obvious Magic felt the same.
For someone so sick she was very energized by his visit and insisted he get on the bed with her,after getting Dad's permission,I let Magic get on the foot of her bed.-- we visited and talked about her pets at home, and she had lots of questions about Magic,we visited about an hour and then it was time to go.
On the way out of the hospital,going down in the elevator,I looked at Magic and realized he had never been on an elevator before today and he seemed very proud of himself,looking up at me with his big brown expressive eyes,I knew in that moment "this was his calling" That I,in my human limits had given up on for us as a team,couldn't have been more wrong.
I set about becoming an official volunteer at University Medical Center,and for the past 2 years Magic and I have faithfully visited every other week and Holidays.
There are times now when I am convinced that if he could push the correct elevator buttons,I could drop him off at the front door and he could do this all by himself.From the moment we pull into parking,he is set in his goals--"the kids come 1st'
To all the smiling faces of children and adults--both patients and families,and staff--
To all the miracles big and small--
To the sound when turning a corner in the hospital and hearing "Magic's Here"
It is to Sam and Magic that I give all the credit.
Without Sam and Magic meeting that Christmas week,a true calling would have been lost.
I am blessed to have Magic in my life, and I see every time we visit,the magical way he has in any given situation.
Magic has taught me many things, Living in the moment, was a big one.But I have to say on the top of the list is
"Never Underestimate Magic"
Our animal/human connection has gone beyond any limits I have previously known with dogs in my life.

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Re: How Magic found his niche in Thearpy Work
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2006, 07:10:19 am »
Great story, great experiences!  Thank you Magic for being a hero!

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Re: How Magic found his niche in Thearpy Work
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2006, 07:43:21 am »
What a beautiful story!
Thanks to both you and Magic for giving so much!
I applaud you both!