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"Talking Back" & Pawing issues

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Does anyone elses dog "talk back" at them?  We will tell Boudreaux "no" or to "be quiet" and he will look at us and BARK!  Like he is being defiant.  He is pawing too.  We haven't taught him to shake for this very reason.  But nonetheless, he is constantly pawing our legs when we are sitting down.  He doesn't have to go out, he has food, etc.  I will put my hand on top of his paw when he puts it up on my leg and he will pull it out and put it back on top.  Any ideas why he is doing this or what it means and HOW TO STOP IT?  When I tell him "no" and push his paw off my leg, you guessed it, he barks at me.  One big BARK! Argh!

ROFL Badger did all that really bad when he was a pup.  The barking is either an invitation to play, or a bad attitude (IMO) depending on the context.  The pawing is very dominant.  I think you should just keep working with him on OB, and never let him paw you, or lean on you, or sit on you (all cousins of pawing dominance).  I also wouldn't let him 'politely' rest his feet on you, since this is obviously his 'thing' he does for dominance.  Badger still does this, and if you put your hand on top of his, he will pull it out and put it on top again.  He knows now after all this time in our pack that he better cut it out when we scold him for it, then he gets all submissive. 
Weirdo dogs....
Personally, if the barking was dominant or 'back talking' I would have a water bottle near bye and say 'NO' and squirt him in the mouth, or if he likes that, aim for his eyes.  He will get the hint.  I have also found that when Badger gets like that, I can put my arms out so I look bigger, and sort of tower over him, and say 'NO'...I just don't have the wherewithall to always have a water bottle near me. 
BTW, I think you must be talking about some other doggy, there is no way that cute little angel is doing these things....I just don't buy it. 

Imani's Mom:
Pawing and being mouthy are all typical traits of mastiffs.   Mastiffs need to be always in constant contact physically with their people.  It takes a while to get the message across, but if every single time he puts his paw on you, you turn around and walk away from him immediately- no eye contact, no talking, yelling, etc. and totally ignore him for a minute or two EVERY SINGLE TIME he will eventually get the message that putting his paw on you is not allowed.  "Talking back" isn't really what it seems to be.  Mastiffs are very vocal, and you can actually use it to your advantage.  When he barks or "roo"s at you, tell him "good speak" and give him attention or a treat, which will eventually teach him to speak on command, is the first step in teaching him when NOT to bark at you.  He has to know the "speak" behavior before you can teach him not to do it.  I can give you the info on training him to "hush" on command once you have taught him to "speak" on command, if you need it.  I have four of these monsterous guys in my home right now, and every one has been taught not to put their paw on me ever, for any reason.  They all also know how to "speak" and "whisper" on command.

thanks for that advice. Those paws are lethal arent they? I am going to pass this on to the folks at an AM site that are having the same issues.

Imani's mom-glad I read your reply!  we have always liked the communication our boys uses and its great because he literally TELLS us when its time to potty, eat, his water is slimey or its time to pick up the youngest from the bus.
As for the pawing, odin only does it on occasion but I didn't know it was dominance.  Now I KNOW and will use your advice.  weve stopped many a potential prob by crossing our arms and walking away without a peep or eyecontact.  When we do this he usually goes to his pillow and curls up w/ muzzle flared out and sighs that "I'm such a doooo doooo head" sigh.  ;)  He's been a joy to have in our home and we learn from him everyday.   He leans on dad when he gets home but never me but he does a lot of rubbing on us before bed like a cat and is very cuddly.  then he lays down and goes into checked out phase til 8 am. 
thanks again!


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