Author Topic: Argh !! I am a bad Furkid Mommy ! ! MATTS!  (Read 11768 times)

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Re: Argh !! I am a bad Furkid Mommy ! ! MATTS!
« Reply #15 on: August 26, 2006, 01:45:15 am »
Thanks   ;)

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Re: Argh !! I am a bad Furkid Mommy ! ! MATTS!
« Reply #16 on: September 05, 2006, 12:37:47 pm »
Hello gang...

Is there any such home recipe for detangler/loosen matts. ???

I really hate to shave her... shoot...shoot. ..
It is so close to her skin. 
She got matts on her neck from her collar.
I cut some with sissors, and combed out some. BUT she doesn't want me to touch her tail feather, and butt.

Is human hair conditioners safe to use on dogs?

I knew I should have bought dog hair conditioner, now I have to wait til nex pay  :'(

Any '2 cents' is greatly appreciated.  ;)

If you go to the groomer's (or you could get an electric clipper and shave out a "track" where the collar can sit against the skin and not mat the hair.  Also you can do the same thing in problem areas.  If she gets knots along her tail or maybe underneath, just shave that problem area out.  Keep it shaved out regulary and this will avoids mats.  You can use diluted Downy (which I think someone else mentioned-lol, I was a groomer too and used this technique:).  Also a detangler caled Glo-coat is a real miracle worker when it comes to combing out mats.  Get an undercoat rake and brush once or twice a week.  THis will help keep down matting.  Coat handler is another FANTASTIC conditioner for helping keep your pet mat-free.