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Lucah food update
« on: September 18, 2006, 08:30:36 pm »
Well we finally did something. Lucah's original food (Solid Gold Wolf King Cub) was  a "large breed puppy" food, but had 26% protein...some told me here that 24% is the max, and yes that 2% might make a difference.

On Sunday we talked to a trainer and she said a good sign that a food might not be agreeing with a dog is scratching their sides more than normal, ear infections and biting the tops of there paws.  Lucah had 2 out of three of those symptoms.  Well that sold it...we decided to switch (slowly of course) to Innova Large Breed Puppy. It contains 24% protein, 12% fat and has no corn, no wheat...all recognizable meat products and lots of vegetables.

We will see how this does and hopefully he will enjoy it.  So far he hasn't had any adverse affects and his poops have become smaller and more compact.  I believe the bison in the Wolf Cub might have been too rich, for a while he was really letting the soft poops fly, and the amounts were huge.

Wish us luck on this change.

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Re: Lucah food update
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2006, 08:39:13 pm »
Keep us updated on how he does please.  Morpheus is on the wolf cub right now only because none of the pet stores out here carry the Innova large breed food.  So they have ordered it for us and told us to use the wolf cub for right now till it comes in.  Morph is doing pretty good on it right now but he does get sick occasionally now I think cause it is just wayyyyy to rich for him.  But it is not for very long, the innova should be in on friday. 

So you go first (hehehe) and let us know how Lucha does.  Good luck.
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