Author Topic: Anyone else have family who aren't animal lovers?  (Read 4493 times)

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Re: Anyone else have family who aren't animal lovers?
« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2006, 03:31:07 am »
Ugh...the in-laws don't like Kingsley at all. MIL is allergic to him, but not Laika. Also, last Thanksgiving when we took him to their house, he wasn't exactly on his best behavior. He hadn't had a walk all day and he was in a new place and not allowed to greet anybody. They banished him to the garage, and he whined and barked the whole time, so FIL finally asked me to please put him in the car. So now, even though they haven't really been around him since then, they still think he's annoying. They supposedly like Laika and asked us to bring her to Easter dinner, so we left Kingsley with my mom and took Laika. As soon as we got there, MIL said "I've got the kitchen all made up for her." Which meant there was a water bowl and both doors were blocked off. So Laika had to sit in the kitchen and watch us eat. She was only a few months old at that time, so obviously she cried the whole time.

My family is all pretty good about the dogs, but in most cases, I think they just know that if they say something bad about my dogs, I'll leave. My dad is in love with Kingsley. Whenever he comes down to visit he just goes on and on about how beautiful he is :)
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