Author Topic: How did your Akita come to own you?(long post)  (Read 3177 times)

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How did your Akita come to own you?(long post)
« on: April 25, 2008, 07:16:14 am »
Almost everytime I meet a human owned by an Akita they have an interesting story of how that came about.
I wanted to share my story of fate and how my Kira was meant to be with us forever.

We are a military family and had just moved to VA.  My kids were begging me to get a dog and hubs and I started debating on what kind we wanted, big or small.  I wanted an Akita but hubs said that was too big for our townhouse so we went to a petshop(ok, we were not pet savvy.  we know better now) and saw the cutest little min pin and since our youngest was only a baby we figured that would be best.  At the PS I also saw this GORGEOUS tri-color female Akita pup but she has already been bought just waiting to be picked up by her new family.  So we bought Lexi, the min pin.   
About 4-5 months later I was at home and my kids were outside with our pup and started screaming that this big dog was in our yard sniffing our barely 5 pound pup.  I went outside and saw this awesome looking akita and all she wanted to do was play but she was sooo big compared to our dog and my kids!  About 3 mins later this guy comes running with a leash in hand and sees us, by this time my hubs is outside with us.  he looks at the guy and recognized him as someone we were stationed with in NC.  They were actually feild buddies when they were with the marines.  It was his akita,  he informed us that he was bringing her to a shelter the next day.  They had just had a new baby and she was not listening or training very well and she was also a runner and always looking for a way out.
I said, no way if you are giving her away I want her.  He handed me her leash and said I'll be right back with her crate, food, toys, papers and anything else she has.
when he brought her papers to us i recognized the folder to be the same PS we bought lexi  at and when I looked at her purchase date I nearly fell over and said "OMG, this is the Akita I saw and wanted at the PS".  He had bought her the same day we bought our dog!!!! 
She became part of our family that day.  She was 6 mos old and all the problems he had with her, we never had.  She just needed attention and that she got plenty of and a play mate in Lexi.
RIght before we moved away form VA 2 1/2 years later, we were walking Kira near our home, which was heavily wooded with tons of critters  running amuck.  i let her leash go to get something out of the stroller and she took off and we couldnt catch her and before long she had ran so fast and disappered into the woods.  I dont think I had ever cried so hard in my life.  I felt so sick.  We were moving to WA state in 3 weeks and my dog was gone.  We called the animal shelter everyday asking is someone had brought her in to no avail.  On the sat before we left my friend picked me up for lunch and I had the classifieds with me in the van and I just decided to look in the lost/found ads.  One ad just struck me, one it was in our area about 5 miles away it said a husky mix female had be found.
when we lost her she still had her leash and collar attached to her.  I called the guy and said I think you have my dog.  He said to describe her and I said she was a FB Akita not a husky and she was 3 colors mainly white and had a purple halter and green leash.  The line was dead silent for a few seconds, then he said "today was the last day for this ad to run. I was so sure no one would call for her.  I was really hoping that you wouldnt call."
I screamed and cried in joy and begged him to meet me now.  he did and when she saw us there was no denying she was our dog and we were her family.
After that incident, she did get lose a few more times but the funny thing is when we call her she comes back now, like she knows that if she is lost she may not come home to us!  In Jan.  we almost lost her to bloat.  I cant tell you how I felt that day, I actually caught myself saying, "I dont know what I will do if she doesnt make it."  Some of my friends were looking at me like I had 2 heads and when they found out how much her surgery cost they called me crazy and said they would have put her to sleep.
Well, im glad I made the choice I did.  she is my girl and will be till the day she crosses that bridge.
This is my story of how I became owned by an Akita!
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