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Food help needed with my Saint
« on: December 03, 2006, 12:09:14 pm »
Hi I'm Mom to Butt a 3 1/2 (??)yr old Saint Bernard,plus a zoo full of birds.I'm his 3rd home,I was told.The woman we got him from in March was getting rid of him because she moved to an apt and didn't have room for him anymore.She said she had him for a yr and had got him from a Saint rescue.My now ex husband brought him home,I am in no way a dog person.That was until I met and fell in love with Butt!!! When my ex moved out Butt stayed,because I was his choosen person.He was eatting Ol Roy dry mixed with a can of Ol Roy wet.In the last week he has really tapered down on not eatting.Monday he didn't eat at all.Tuesday we went off to the Vets.The Vet feels he may have a food allergy and inflmamed bowel syndrome.He switched him to Eukanuba Veterinary Diet Low Residue dry and wet.He is also on Reglan,15 mg twice a day and Pepcid Ac 20 mg once a day.The Vet has me mixing 3 cups dry to 1 can of wet.Since Tuesday I have been getting him to eat it if I offer it on my hand and slowly move my hand into the bowl and sneak it out once he is eatting.Even that way he has only ate about 3/4's of it.Yesterday afternoon when I was getting ready to feed my birds he came in acting hungray.I mixed 2 cups dry with 1 can of wet.He ate it all!!! Last night after the birds went to bed he was sniffing around again,so I mixed 2 cups of Ol Roy and 1 can of Ol Roy up to feed him.I have it all here and didn't want to just throw it all away.And figured it is cheap if I mix it up and he doesn't want it.Well he did eat it all again!!!Today he ate lunch and dinner with no issues(2 cups dry to 1 can of wet all Eukanuba today),so I am grateful to that.I have plenty of the dry food from the Vet left,but only 5 cans,so I will need to get him some more in the next day or so.I have most of name brand pet stores in my area as well as a few other mom and pop places,so I should have many choices.I will try to go check out what is available tomorrow.Ideas on what I should be looking for would be a great help.Oh and what kind of treats,I've been giving ol Roy treats too :( Thanks for all your help.

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